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Passaround Blackbook


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So I have tried doing the pass around blackbook on here once and got burned as the book wound up being lost after a few months. Sad too because I heard that some of the stuff was dope.


So I am going to try this a different way this time. I want some people to do another pass around, everyone has a blackbook and mails it to the next person in the list, I am thinking no more than ten total. Everyone gets a book returned with some work from the other nine and any homies that are in their area.


Forgive me if this sounds harsh from an old timer but if you are in process of learning this isn't for you. No disrespect, but if you want to send me a blackbook, PM me and I will bless it in due time.


Anyway let me know if your interested, I'd like to get a 12oz book in my collections.




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Not quite sure I understand what the rules are that you are saying, but I am down, if you think I am worthy of doing something in a blackbook for "Ghost"


My only limitation is that I would want to limit the people who actually know where I am located. I would rather a go between, like "Ghost", be used if people are hesitant.


I also am down to send a clean blackbook for 12oz as a start. If it gets lost, at least, all I am out is a blackbook, and nothing more.

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ive done a piece in my homies book then he sent it to china and it went many other places. i need to get a clean black book so i can get down on this!.. reminds me of a chain letter.


.if someone isn't within their means financially.. u should all keep in mind shipping cost and things of that nature. dont want the person i send my book to not be able to forward it to the next person. that would suck

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good idea but doesn't seem that solid. someone's going to either hold onto it or rag the pages and post them on here for kicks. the asshole factor is completely unavoidable.


Nah, it would only take a bit of quality control to avoid this. Someone would have to come up with a list, 10 people or so probably, and then check their posts. It wouldn't be too hard to find out who'd be a waste of time with just a cursory glance at past posts. The only problem would be someone running off with it but that's the risk you take, hence why starting with a fresh book is a good idea, not that much to lose.

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Well the idea has many twists, I understand that.


The idea was that everyone selected would start with a brand new black book 8x11 size and then send it to one person. This person would be the one that they send the book(s) to throughout the cycle.


A sends to B

B sends to C

C sends to D

D sends to E etc..


..that way at the end everyone has work from everyone else.


Again, I understand the asshole factor as well and I am open to ideas. I am looking at my blackbooks from back in the 80's and its cool to reminisce and such. I don't have much of the freight heads other than the originals like Sent, Cavs and Vism so it was something that I thought about..


Anyway like I said I am open to ideas…and if you want to send me a blackbook and not be part of this I am down for that as well..


Just email me at ghostofgraffitipast@gmail.com


and just in case you are wondering here is what I have done previously for others:






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I have to agree.

Everyone involved should send out their own book.

Eventually you get your own book back.

No one would lose out,as long as everyone followed through.

The honor system iz very important.

Also a time limit should be put in place.

One person may get the book,do a piece and send it off in a week.

The next person may hold on to it for a month.(not kool)

Each person legibly tag their book on the inside of the cover.

When someone receives a book they should post,to let peeps know the day they received it.

They should post the day they send one off and who they're sending it to.

That way peeps know the books are moving.

IDK just some suggestions.

I have a fresh new 8x11 book,so I'm down.


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Yeah, I like the idea of everyone starting with a new book as well.


Sorry but we run on metric here my size (and anyone from outside of the US, basically) will have to get something close. I'm assuming that A4 will be around 8 by 11 inch.


And I guess I have no problem with some one knowing my location as I've never hidden my real name all the years I've been on here.



I vote for a 2 week turn around on books as some cats get busy with work or have to travel for family, etc.

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A two week turn around would probably be the most doable for people but it would take forever depending on how many people got in on it. I for one could most likely do it in a week but it just depends. Two weeks is probably the safest bet. Also two weeks would be good because it gives plenty of time to get the book hit by other people in the area if possible.


My only other point of criticism is that it would suck to be the guy who always has to ship the book oversees, assuming people from oversees participate. I don't know how much it costs to ship something like that, but I'd imagine doing it ten times or so would add up.

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shipping a small canvas to the US from the UK worked out about $13 I think, a blackbook would probably weigh about the same.


I wouldnt mind paying but if I am honest I would prefer only to send to members of 12oz that I have had dealings with before or chatted to over time, sorry to any newbies but I can only hope any book I send out would come back to me so kinda needs to go to people I trust (as much as you can online)

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GOGP: Not meaning to hijack your thing but I'm keen to get things rolling so if you don't mind I'll start setting up my linkages in this dealio. Feel free to tell me to pull my head in if you had other ideas.






Alts, if you're willing to send to Aust. and trust a convict to play honestly.


If either Cilone, Pulz or Perts are willing to trust me with an address I'm willing to forward to anyone of you guys.


This can go back the other way as well if that's better for peeps. I also figure that if you're going to divulge your address it may as well be to some one on the other side of the world instead of a few towns away, less chance you desperados are going to come over when I'm not home and molest my cat.

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