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  1. Only time i talked to Sev was through PM's on this site. Havnt talk to him for months. Ill check if i hve any emails from him, but im sure i only talked to him through here
  2. Wow. Im so sorry about everything guys. Good thing you gave my book away. I had some family problems, and had to travel half way accross the world for the last couple months and only got back last month. Im sorry for fucking up everything. Hope you guys can forgive me, and i know that im obviously not going to be in this. Sorry again, but ive had a lot going on this year.
  3. Sev hasnt replied to my pm which i sent like a week ago...
  4. BUTTERS (SoCal)- has walid/sex/azteka books INDICA(CA) - temporarily relocated (?) SEV(Canada) - has indica/butters KWIK(Canada) - sent Sevs / waiting for SEV to reply for another book KWG (W MASS) - waiting for Sevs AEROSOUL(MASS) - waiting NOVER(NY) - waiting PULZ(NY) - kwg, kwik SEX CAULDRON (MD) - Aero AZTEKA(NC) - GOGP(NC) - WALID(AUS) - waiting for Pulz/ Novers I PM'ed SEV for a book, since i dont have one yet.
  5. hi guys, i sent out sevs book last friday, dont think it got sent today since its canada day, so post offices are closed i think. i double checked the address so its right. and any books coming to me?
  6. sorry i cant login sometimes. so the book got sent back, i talked to KWG and Aero already. and for posting pictures, maybe post 1 pic? i dont really mind, it would be cool if at the end when everyones book has sketches each person puts up pics of each sketch in their book. i dont really mind either way.
  7. sent my book which is SEV's book. hope my sketch is up to par with everyone else's. lady said it would be 7-10 business days.
  8. sorry i havnt replied. my grandma died, and a whole bunch of family stuff happened. im sending it for sure monday. sorry about that Aero. and sev, any books for me?
  9. any books coming my way? sending my book soon.
  10. yes i have it^ sorry im taking so long. i have exams right now so im studying most of the week. BUTTERS (SoCal)-i have walids waiting for sev to get mine and indicas to give it to indica INDICA(CA) - SEV(Canada) - Waiting to receive books from butters and indica's book. I think indica sent both of them, I have not received them yet. KWIK(Canada) - SEVS book KWG (W MASS) - AEROSOUL(MASS) - Waiting on Sev Book after KWG hits it up NOVER(NY) - PULZ(NY) - KWG, AERO,KWIK SEX CAULDRON (MD) - NOVER (almost done, be out before the end of next week) AZTEKA(NC) - GOGP(NC) - PULZ, GOGP WALID(AUS) - I have Sexcauldron and Azteka's books. Almost finished, in assessment period at uni, will be completed and sent as soon as I've passed through this hell.
  11. no problem man^ how are the pieces looking?
  12. thats dope. post more often. unique style
  13. always thought i had a lot of free time, now that i think, doing hw, studying takes up a lot of time
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