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  1. shitty pic but heres a pic of one of the center pages from two years ago [
  2. hahahahahahahahahahah I am back!!!! ill post my book somtime this week fellow lurkers. this project was pretty damn massive.
  3. So whatsup???? When are we posting pics? Has everyone go there book?
  4. KWG is gone. I even sent him an extra book just because one went missing. He had just about everyone's book at one point, probably saw an opportunity to snake off with 3. Honor system is out. His book isn't even in rotation to be pulled and set my way... I just want to see this thing finished. I came in strong and killed a bunch of two pagers in every book that came my way! Shitty that my original book was the first to go "missing" and know I dont even get a replacement? In all I lost about 60$ and countless hours of pages with no book in return.... I will not be participating in a second round lol
  5. Come on everyone lets pick up the slack with it being so close to being finished. Fire this shit out. Checkered flag is out I can see the finish!
  6. It's looking like I will never see a return from all the work I put into this project. Anyone know if KWG is still alive?
  7. :confused: where is my book at right now?
  8. We should rename this thread: Patiently Waiting
  9. So everyone is waiting for there books back, or do some still need to be hit?
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