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Everything posted by Aerosoul

  1. That I know of KWG has his own boo back. ill ask him if he has aztecas.
  2. Couldron should have the 3 books that me and KWG had.
  3. I can Get a hold of KWG...He Gave the 3 Books to me now Couldron should have received it...Books are fine...For the Stickers that are placed in there from me jus take one or 2. leave a few for who ever else.
  4. Couldron looks out for the books early next week you should have them. Should we wait to post what we have in our books?
  5. 3 Book will b sent out rushed this thurday
  6. Lol Ill have to skip Pulz for now I guess whos next on the list?
  7. Just waiting for a response from pulz. Books still in motion
  8. I have the 3 books. Pulz needs to inbox so I can send it.
  9. Pulz Ill message you to send out the 3 books
  10. Almost done with the last book.
  11. Books will b ready to b sent out after next week
  12. KWG Passed 3 Books to me...Ill start em Asap and then move em to the next person.
  13. Ill jus join the next battle...
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