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Everything posted by desism_ktc

  1. this thread went to shit lol…
  2. i got my book, need to post the flicks when i get a chance.. at least this time i got a book back with some nice stuff
  3. its all good I just PMd you sexcauldron…
  4. that Bem Brace is still running… RIP Brace
  5. NYCISDEAD106 has the vault of flicks…thank you for sharing.. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to nycisdead106 again.
  6. love that… ha ha caught them sleeping at 180th i guess??
  7. So…. WHAT IS THE UPDATE…. lol
  8. ^^ Truth….this is the equivalent of a never ending rain delay…
  9. HELLO HELLO HELLO…. Status updates please….what started out as a novel idea is a joke now lol..
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