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  1. I have some good news to report.... THE BOOKS ARE ON THE MOVE AGAIN!!! I finally passed them off to Aero this afternoon. The three books I had are headed home again... Aero said he will hit them and pass them to Pulz asap! Thanks again and Props/Respect to all the killers involved in the cycle. I'd be glad to do it again....Keep me in mind for another round if it happens.
  2. Yo I need to know what to do with these books....I called Aero but haven't heard back from him. I know he wants to hit these books but I REALLY DON'T WANT TO HOLD THEM ANYMORE. I don't want to be responsible for them.....I have had them WAY TOO LONG!!! I'll Call him again....And hit him on another site.....Let me know what I should do if I don't hear from him.....who gets them next....Pulz?I'm sure you guys want your books and are tired of waiting for them.....and I don't need them anymore Lol.....
  3. Yo sorry guys my life has been pure craziness since my neighbor downstairs decided to burn my house down in August. I have all of the books and don't want to hold them any more....by some miracle they were spared from destruction. I'm trying to get a hold of Aero to pass them off but....I lost his number with everything else... As soon as I hear from him they'll be movin again. Trust.....I want to get them on their way to their owners asap!! Keep in mind they did suffer slight water and smoke damage but are in great shape considering they survived a house fire!!!!
  4. What's up peeps? I'm picking up the pieces of my life after the fire.... I managed to save the books because they were in a part of the house that didn't get burned real bad. I'm having a hard time getting a hold of Aero to pass them off. He's real busy with his new job.....as soon as I hear from him I'll get them out. I don't want to hold on to them any more..... Peace and respect to all Passbookers....Lol
  5. Hey all there has been another major tragedy on my end!!! My Neighbor downstairs burned my house down on my birthday...August 8th....I lost just about everything I acquired throughout my life.... I have good news though.....I managed to save the books I have....they are slightly water damaged but still in good condition, they were NOT destroyed. I have been waiting to pass them off to Aero. I believe I have GOGP's, Pulze's, and Azteka's books.....along with Butters. I sincerely apologize for the delay.....My life is a total mess right now! BTW Yes Aero and I got our books back about a month ago! Thanks and Much Respect to Everyone involved in this cycle!!!
  6. A piece I did for United We Paint in Brooklyn NY. [/img] I call it "A Look At Nostalgia"
  7. Ay Butter Inbox me your address again and I'll send your book to ya. As soon as I hear from Aero I'll pass the rest on their way.
  8. I'm ready to pass the books off! Just need t get ahold of Aero! Peace!
  9. I haven't sent them yet. I will be ready to send them out next week after I get back from my show in Brooklyn. I'll just be there this weekend 19th-21st They're finished just have to get the loot. Peace
  10. At this point we should probably figure out where these books I have are going after Aero hits them. I don't want to see them pass up Pulz cause he's been in this from the beginning....but.... It's up to GOGP and Azteka. Peace!
  11. I've got two out of three books done. If things go right I should be ready to pass the books to Aero within the coming week. GOGP yours is the only one I have left to hit. I'll post up when I'm ready to pass them off.
  12. Dope Page....No Doubt!! A little Subway map action for a show with my SSB Fam in NYC July 19-21. Soul Stoned Brothers.....No Sleep Til Brooklyn!!! [/img]
  13. I will be sending Butters book to him asap. @ Azteka sooo the book with the Banner, brass knuckles, can, and marker is yours? If that's the case then I am finished with your book! I am going to hit them all and pass em to Aero all together. I also finished my center page piece on the landscape book. Please bear with me as I'm very busy putting in work for a show in Brooklyn. United We Paint! My Fam Soul Stoned Brothers!! I will get the books done and out asap! Peace! Respect!
  14. Quick update......My hit in the portrait style book owner unknown is just about complete..... Center page done and piece just needs finishing touches.
  15. It's all good fellas. I'm going to hit them up and move them on to Aero. I'm sure we'll figure it out by the time he's ready to move them. Peace
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