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That's racialist...


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^^DEAR GOD(if there even is one)!

What Ivy League college is that?

I bet one of those guys is a Senators son.

Maybe two of them.


DrunkAHO: I can agree with the complete

benign "tongue in cheek" nature of the logo design,

but I was just trying to get a better scope of other,

similar, logos are in use today or in the past that

took it to the line and sold. Maybe even became

popular. I don't really have the passion to try

and persuade anyone to be PC or to promote

sensitivity to the world. I care... but I ride

the fence. I worry about my, friends and

family first and then the world.


That fucking flick is so crazy^^!

I saved that one.

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I think... whenever I'm feeling down and out,

which doesn't happen that often... I will look

at this flick and feel better.


Mam... I got no words to describe the aww.

You look like the cartoon version of the jungle

savage. With the big white lips... I can't stop

laughing at this!

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The other afternoon we somehow ended up watching Bernie Mac.

Which made me feel like a buster.

I don't think he is all that hilarious.

But then it struck me why he got so famous, it is because he looks like the quintessential Sambo.

White people love that shit.

He doesn't have to say anything to be funny.

Just make funny black people faces and white people sop that shit up.



We drink Kool Aid out of gallon jugs.

That read "Magic Nigger Juice"

I shall take a photo when I get home.


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