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  1. Yeah, I get that for sure... I used to love photoshop. Now I am much more comfortable in illustrator; when working with vector graphics, sizing and resolution aren’t an issue.
  2. I work as a graphic designer. Been working inhouse for a large company for about 5 years, prior to that, was freelancing for a couple of years. More proficient in Illustrator and Indesign than photoshop... happy to offer advice!
  3. How could you see anything but a completely callous attack on an old man? Imagine it was one of your grandparents, would you feel so indifferent?
  4. The fact that someone has built and brought out a guillotine is fucking amazing to me. Even if it’s just a nonfunctional prop, I am so impressed.
  5. I think that a future without police is kind of a utopian fantasy. As you said I don’t think that people will just decide to be kind to each other. It simply won’t work, people are assholes... That being said, I think that an increasingly militarised and aggressive police force is the worst possible scenario. In Seize the Time, Bobby Seale wrote about the need for police officers to live within the communities that they policed, ensuring that they were an accountable member of the community instead of what is ostensibly a hostile occupying force in many instances.
  6. Something to the effect of: “There is no space for priests and landowners on our collective farm”
  7. Taking my son for a walk around the neighbourhood to get him to sleep.
  8. Rewatched this show recently and woke up yesterday with this in my head...
  9. Wifey and I bought a new fridge last month, so I have converted the old one for fermenting beer. Drilled a hole in the side of the fridge to run a thermometer (the black wire in the top right) that controls an external thermostat to keep the beer at a consistent cool temperature while fermenting... Massively hacked together, but works well. Will get around to building a better shelf for the beer, but at the moment it’s just wood off it’s and scrap bricks with some bonus rap letters.
  10. Banh Mi from the local Vietnamese Bakery.
  11. Bottled my latest batch of beer. Now the waiting game while it bottle conditions.
  12. Vegemite on toast and a coffee.
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