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  1. this is the first time posting any of my stuff in this thread... i always check it out though... AZ - The Come Up Remix.
  2. walking dead is dope, this show will fucking own.
  3. My brother had a bunch of alcohol related offences that ended up resulting in a bunch of cases... He lawyered up, and started attending AA. Going onto some sort of alcohol treatment program of your own volition shows that you are aware of the problems that your drinking has caused and are trying to help yourself... When the lawyer representing my bro explained that he was already seeking treatment, my bro ended up with a fine, no conviction and a bunch of other smaller charges getting dropped. This was in QLD, not too sure about victorian law tho...
  4. been lurking since late 2001. this is my third s/n here... come through to catch up on lulz a couple of times a week... sometimes i will post a whole bunch within a short time. but then go for months without posting anything...
  5. i totally thought that this was a thread title change. but... no. rad... this thread is awesome.
  6. "Legendary NY graffiti artist and How to Make It in America guest star Lee Quinones worked with ALIFE founders Rob Cristofaro and Arnaud Dellecolle on a custom design that evoked the show's "American Dream" theme. The image of a pair of crossed fingers holding a hundred dollar bill represents the hustle and hope for success.s" woah, Lee is in this show? crazy...
  7. gonna take some nice food to my brother who is in hospital... other than that, watch some epidodes of the IT crowd, listen to records and drink beer... when you are single, valentines day is ultimately meaningless.
  8. Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread.......................... fucking skatestoppers.
  9. i think that this might be the best thing that i have ever read.
  10. ^michael is badass at the end... i thought i was so gnarly how duquan ended up though...
  11. not sure if this one has been posted, but here is a reggaeton track by a puerto rican cartman... fucking ridiculous
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