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  1. trying to clown you? get real dude it's a fucking computer screen. you and abc need some zanax for real. and me and zanax did mad tours, from houston to dallas every 2 days for about 3 years, so fuck yeah i'll defend that shit. deepbreathoner.
  2. Re: Don't Call it Frisco shit i got beat to the 12 oz comment. damn fast typers.
  3. i have no idea who either one of these musical performing acts you speak of are. that somehow is making me feel better about myself.
  4. i'm now typing the sound of silence. can you hear it?
  5. they make jolly rancher soda?! i know people who put jolly ranchers in soda, they could be making a 2 for 1 with that!
  6. forgive me for commenting in your thread, master. where am i allowed to comment again? since you're the boss and all. chill out dude. even fags i know don't get that huffy about shit.
  7. you don't really like smoking pot?! that's ridiculous. i can't even think of something funny to say i'm so flabbergasted.
  8. so in less than 60 minutes you expect to find someone on 12 oz, meet up with 'em, buy the tickets and still make it to the show? kudos for you if you pull off that mission dude that's a toughie.
  9. my vacation this year was to get to work more, so no sympathy for you, life ruiner.
  10. hahaha, you totally got me. now go back to describing other men's bodies, you big hetero you. and for the record, as stated previously: 1. i no longer smoke tabacco in any form, and 2. i never smoked the fruity cigars. plain phillies were good enough for me.
  11. that sounds just a little uncomfortable.
  12. or for people who just enjoy feeling like they're floating. but i died on 'em and no longer take 'em. does that mean i now can "hang with life"? and since tabacco is the #1 killer of the drug world, does that make smokers "pussies who can't hang with life" ? this thread is starting to sound like a PSA. i asked this old head today "yo what's the word on glik o". he just looked at me funny and said "i ain't no trick lil' man". so i guess you're not infamous in texas yet. "snatchin a body" ? is that NY slang for killing someone? is his myspace myspace.com/bodysnatcher ? if so that's mad low key son. i know a bunch of retardo drug dealers that are OTR (i can't believe i'm using a marker name to describe people running from the law, but anyway) that check their myspace daily and upload pictures of them with piles of pints and youtube videos of them smoking blunts talking shit. pretty dumb if you ask me. now this thread is starting to sound like a gayspace ad.
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