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  1. True, in a subtropical/tropical climate they go great. With cooler weather they might not take...
  2. My banana plants are looking happy, coming into a hot, humid summer. Pineapple grown from the top of a pineapple bought from the supermarket. One of the easiest fruits to grow!
  3. https://www.sbs.com.au/news/the-feed/trump-campaign-appears-to-mistakenly-book-car-park-outside-landscaping-firm-four-seasons-for-press-conference This is the most fucking amazing news story of this entire cursed election.
  4. Watching the news, with a beer. Saw this minivan with a classy aura. one of my colleagues gave me a miniature turntable toy, I made some new covers for the little toy records.
  5. Try Splice. Pretty powerful for an editor on your phone. Have used it to make little Insta videos, slideshows etc...
  6. In no specific order: New galaxy & Saaz hopped session ale home brew... the head needs a bit of work top but it’s the best beer I’ve made yet... growing oyster mushrooms on the kitchen bench. cool flowers Blooming... ”crack baby” walking with the little homie.
  7. The cover art for the album “Ball of eyes” by Placebo, a Jazz band from Belgium from the early 1970s.
  8. The Homo-dungeon thread was amazing... Also the thread where some members trolled that guy who had the webcam feed of his street in some gnarly neighbourhood in SF. That one got crazy.
  9. This afternoon’s post work libations.
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