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Alright, i know im going to have a good time regardless, but so far our only plans are to endup in spain for the running of the bulls... I wanted to go to amsterdam, but the 3 other people on the trip dont want to go... We're flying in to Rome...


--- any suggestions on where to go in these 2 weeks of vacation would be greatly appreciated......

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Rome sucks, see what you want to see as quickly as possible then go somewhere else in Italy (Florence, Venice, Naples, whereever). Check out the Vatican, in Rome, it is the best deal you can get, to enter the Basilica of St. Peter it's free, the Meuseum costs about 8 Euros and has tons and tons of great art and historical artifacts (including the Cistine Chappel which is incredible). Do not go inside the Collouseum (it's 10 Es and not worth it at all). look at it and then go check out the ruins around it, it is a waste of time, don't bother with the Roman Circus, its a big patch of dirt for the most part. Also it is really really hot, take your own water because it is expensive to buy it on the streets. If you are travelling with lady friends, keep them away from the dudes who sell the purses, they are rip offs and if they see your interested they do not stop harrassing you.


In Spain, go to Toledo and Salamanca if you can, great cities, and if you go to Madrid check out a restaurant called "El Botin". It's the oldest restaurant in the world, and the food is fucking delicious.


I don't France, so your on your own for now.

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i will also be visiting this region in a month.. good thread, keep it moving.

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I love Rome. I could blab on and on about Rome for hours. It's raining outside so why not...


There are the obvious tourist attractions, St. Peters and the Vatican museum are wonderful. I agree that paying to go into the Colloseo is a rip off. I haven't been since they started charging.


So you are flying in there..if you don't have a place to stay I would reccomend the Yellow Hostel, http://www.yellowhostel.com/

It's location is perfect, and its not a bad place to stay. 5 minutes away from the central station, Termini. The neighborhood right next to it is San Lorenzo, which is a fun university district with cheap pizza and bars. They also do Pub Crawls which are fun if you are into binge drinking, tittys and drunk people.


Another interesting but more historic and beautiful neighborhood would be Trastevere. It runs along the Tevere river and its a perfect place to spend your evenings and late nights. Have dinner there and just wander around with a drippy marker.


If you want to go somewhere crazy, get off at Piramide train station and walk to a neighborhood called Testaccio and go to Vilaggio Globale. It is a communist social centre/concert hall/place to score hash/refugee camp off and on/art school and small museum/ and police station. There is also a small cafe. It used to be a slaughter house and is a very interesting place especially at night in the summer.

Oh and also check out this place, it is full of bones and mummies. Chandeliers made of the skulls and pelvic bones of monks. cappuccini01.jpg It is on Via Vittorio Veneto 27. Get off at Barberini Metro A station.


Rome makes no sense. Always watch out for things that are broken, some one who is trying to rip you off, and thieves. Esp packs of little children who will swarm you for your wallet in 2 seconds flat. I feel bad for gypsys but I have been robbed enough times to know that when they are around keep your wallet close.

Don't go to the beach in Ostia unless you are pressed for time. It is expensive and crappy. I'll suggest Anzio...and Sperlonga (cheap and pretty much tourist free) but that is all I am giving up.


Shopping - Via Del Corso is an obvious choice. It can be expensive but it is worth going to if not to just people watch (all the Italian men in tight jeans and girls in tight low cut shirts) Via Marconi is less touristy and has alot of nice stuff. The Porta Portese market on Sunday is a complete zoo and you can buy everything there from Armani shoes, to vintage jewelry, cameras, goldfish, Diesel T shirts to houseplants and puppies. Keep your money strapped to your inner thigh.


You can buy Montana, Belton, and Italian montana at Frasca. It is a hardware store on Via Appia Nuova. Get off at the Colli Albani train station on the RED Metro Line, Line A. There should be a salami store on your left when you exit the subway station (there are multiple exits) keep walking straight for about 3 blocks.

Most of all I think Rome is a city where you have to throw away the tourist books and explore. The city has so much to offer and teach.


Naples is an amazing city as well. It isn't for the faint of heart. Food and drink are very cheap there though, it is priced the way Rome used to be before the god damned Euro came along. 75% of the population will be trying to rob you. Do not buy ANYTHING (ie cell phones, mp3 players) from any one on the street, they will follow you and steal it back from you first chance they get. The beaches surrounding Naples are BEAUTIFUL. You can also get a boat to Ponza, where they filmed the Life Aquatic island scenes.


You should go to Amsterdam, the right light district gets old for about a day but it is good fun. The Heineken factory is pretty fun, the Van Gogh museum, etc. If your friends don't want to go to Amsterdam suggest Utrecht. It is smaller than Amsterdam but less expensive.Check out the Tivoli night club if you are there. The coffee shops are much cheaper too.

I've only ever been to Southern France, and it is quite nice. Lots of great food, and interesting churches.

Ok...I hope you have fun!

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you're an idiot if you paid for water in rome.

that city rules, but its not very idiot friendly.



go to napoli, its a party.


the dam is fun, but overrated. all of holland is cool. rotterdam has loads of mullets.



go to england and get wasted. its fun.

puuuuuuuuuuuub crawl!

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Originally posted by T.T Boy@Jun 28 2005, 01:51 AM

you're an idiot if you paid for water in rome.

There were fountains to get water from everywhere!

I think about Italy from time to time... and miss it :(

I'm still mad I missed those capuchin catacombs.

I need a vacation.

Texas doesn't count.

At all.

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YO YO YO!!!!


when in rome.....aahh naw for reals doe


yo Cheak out the 156Rockers they a crerw in Paris!...my man Rockin MOze 156 is a real kool cat!!!track this dude down...go to the ALL city shop in Paris..its of the Blue#6 Metro i belive...check it out go to Les Halles acroos the street from the Puma Outlet these a Shop called??/ EROICK ...sumthin like that they will help you out...track down Rockin Moze or anyone of them cats from the 156...they will show you a good time!


one love good luck and happy trails to you buddy :king:

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Rome is a must-see,but it is the epitome of "over-rated"

Generally Italian cities are poorly maintained , poorly organized and abrassive.

Everytime I visit Italy I do find something new and worthwhile,

but generally I've found the entire country to be a Roman ruin,

an ugly ghost of a place which was once glorious and majestic.


My recommendations for Italy,besides the typical tourist shit that you'll want

to see simply "to see" and "have seen"...

Go to the Ligurian Coast, between Genoa and La Spezia...

Great towns there...built from off of and between the mountains as they reach the sea..

Go to Lake Como and the north lake country...

Amazing, beautiful and relaxing fun..also a place where many regional people come to vacation..


Hurry to France,

it's the best country on your itinerary.

Make SURE you get to NICE,

amazing seaside city~

and visit other towns around Nice like Antibes and Juan-Les-Pins .


Marseille is chill, colonial vibe..but it's type grimey,and the beach is'nt so special.

You can find good parties and good painting there though~




Get to Barcelona and give yourself plenty of extra time for it~that city is the climax of most people's au-tour-d'europe trips.

Close by in Figueres there's the Salvador Dali Museum~

Along Costa Brava (around Barcelona/Catalunya) and Costa del Sol there are plenty of hot spots filled with

sun sea and culture.



When you go to Pamplona (running of the bulls),

you'll be in Basque Country (Pais Vasco)

The best spot in this region is St. Sebastian ,

must go there~ Atlantic Coast town, mountainous,picturesque and more bars per sq. metre than anywhere in Europe.


I don't know where you're flying home from but that's a rough itinerary begining in Rome

and following west towards Pamplona...


About Amsterdam,

it is a great place, and really a must see if you're even considering it as a place to visit...but if you can't make it , it's ok...another time though for sure..

My opinion,You don't need to stick with the people your traveling with for the whole time, that'd be a waste of oppourtunity...

but why don't you just re-book your flight to leave from Amsterdam back to home?

It should'nt be much money at all if you deal with the airline directly and they use Amsterdam/Schipol...maybe 100$...you can get there from Spain by a few different means, If you have a rail pass, you can get a train direct to Paris from a few cities in the region...Bordeaux, Barcelona, Marseille, etc. ..and then spend some time in Paris before jumping on the train to Amsterdam from there...or you can even fly to Bruxelles on the cheap using virginexpress and then take a quick train to Amsterdam from there... Bruxelles is a great place too~

About the drugs,Spain has great hash...but right now I'm smoking dutch shit...so...you know...


Some pictures..

Enjoy the trip~



Vernazza, Ligurian Coast (between Genoa & La Spezia)





Lake Como














Juan Les Pins








Dali Museum at Figueres




Costa del Sol




San Sebastian






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much love to all you people...thanks for the help.... i spent an hour or 2 at the book store yesterday looking at travel books and didnt learn a dam thing...i will deff take pictures and post them on here...less than 24 hours and im out of the U.S. and on my way to the other half of the world...


---- i will deff be checking this so any more info would be great...

----take care 12oz.

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Roma is quality and Naples too but I had two great guides-


Much love TT AND Ink Looney lunatic, haha..


Naples, hahahahahahah!!


Amsterdam is o.k, gets abit zzzzzzzz after a few days..

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ive been in italy for the last 10months and i honestly cant wait to go home thats not to say i dont like it here i just miss things, plus ive been doing the school thing and not the fun lets get drunk and pass out on the beach thing so im in need of a vacation. if you skate check out barcelona if you dont still check it out its fucking dope. and about the cops in italy, ive gotten rowdy, bombed, painted trains, smoked fuckloads of hash etc... and i havnt had a run in yet (cross my fingers for these last 3 weeks haha) wheras in the states the cops are fucking with me or someone i know on the reg.

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Originally posted by Pinup@Jun 28 2005, 05:01 PM

I have been back in Paris for 3 weeks now




so lets hear the 411 Pinup...what are must sees from the local perspective? Four of my friends and I will be there very soon.


oh yeah. Rome was cool, but I liked Florence sooo much better.


Thailand 2006.


Germany 2007.


all free lodging. I love my friends.

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thanks everyone... it really helped... rome was fun, but like someone said it was a bit of a drag, first place in rome was near flemming?? it was a dead part of town.. lots of swastikas, american hate, and communist shit... 2nd night in rome was right near the ruins.. one day was all that was needed in my opinion...we almost got mobbed by a group of gypsys but we knew better...the robbed a guy right in front of us... i was ready to uppercut a gypsy...they are all over.. hash was easier to get than i thought..thanks to who ever it was that told me to go to the university for drugs...they guided me right to the park and scored my first cube of hash... hit some bars.. some local dude took us on a mission and scored some roman, coke...(not too bad).. from rome we went to florence...florence was great...good drugs there aswell.. tried going to france but the trains we all booked till the next day, so we skipped france and went straight to barcelona...barcelona was cool, and the beach at barceloneta was even cooler... you got pakistanis selling you cold beers and hash and then the chineese girls sell back rubs....(im deffinetly thinking bout moving to barcelona)... from barcelona we went to pamplona to san fermin.. (the running of the bulls)... i didnt run but my brother did...that is the craziest party i have ever been to...on wednesday when we arrived was the chamoponiaso (?) where everyone get dirty with eggs, ketchup, whatever and everyone gets sloppy drunk, the hash is in the air everywhere you go... the people are friendly and for the 4 days we were there, we saw 0 fights.. the running of the bulls is intense and taken very seriously... wasnt able to get tickets to the bull fights but seeing the running and the crazyness at the plaza de torros was enough for me. the spanish were much freindlier than the italians, but that may be cause were cuban from miami...we intended on sleeping in the park for the san fermin party but an old lady let us stay with her for almost nothing...im really glad that worked out cause none of us had sweaters and it was cold as shit... from pamplona we went to madrid and ended the vacation there... we did the quick double decker bus tour round the city with the headphones....then we hit the streets to the bars and shit...met lots of cool people from all over the world...i deff recomend traveling around to everyone..i will never forget this shit... im seriously considering selling the crib and the card and moving out to spain with my brother... i got a shit load of pictures and post them up on here.... ((((sorry if my typing doesnt make sense-- im at work and have gone back and forth with this for a while)))) viva san fermin

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sounds like you had a good time.


looking forward to the pics.


I want to do the whole western euro tour myself, from italy, spain, germany, russia, amsterdam, all that shit i wanna hit, for like 3 months of traveling. I know a dude that did it a couple times, so he got all the info i need as far as money, where to stay/go, who to avoid, where to buy shit, etc.

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Yo im going to be living in Nice over July and I want to find someone to paint with. Anybody know anyone around there?

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