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Pawl Wall

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  1. Pawl Wall

    do you like me ?

    :miamivice: :rudolph: :china: :disguised: :dunce: :privateeye: :toothache: :freak:
  2. Pawl Wall


    John Stamos's hair is to die for :love:
  3. Pawl Wall

    Danny Way jumps the Great Wall of China

    yeh ????? i dont give a shit
  4. Pawl Wall

    i saw a guy get knifed tonight..

    some kid got shot in the head over $10 for getting his hair braided in the city next to mine
  5. Pawl Wall


    game cube nintendo 5 percent tint so you cant see up in my window sittin sideways boys in the daze hoes that diss me in the club the same hoes in the parkin lot boppin
  6. Pawl Wall

    Official OWNAGE thread

    ^ :haha: enjoy
  7. Pawl Wall

    Official OWNAGE thread

  8. Pawl Wall

    Breaking News !

  9. Pawl Wall


    one time i was taking a piss in a urinal then this guy comes over right next to me and starts pissin and there was a bunch of other ones to use. and you know how wen that happens you glance over to make sure hes not lookin at your stuff. well wen i did that he did that at the exact same time so we had eye contact, we met eyes so......... i kissed him
  10. Pawl Wall

    OMG! myspace is my life!!

    i bet she is ugly if she gives me a friend request i am goig to deny her...... she would probly be devastated
  11. Pawl Wall

    OMG! myspace is my life!!

    i have one of those things its pretty gay i just check it and see if i got any new broads that want to be my "friend"
  12. Pawl Wall

    Napoleon Dynamite

    it was good for a while then after all fags that didnt even see it start saying lines from it and kids that try to spit lines from it and get it wrong now it sucks because i hate all those people that saw it like one time and think they are funny now its just killed and i want those people to die that repeat lines from it and get them completley wrong i just fuckin hate them with a fuckin passion of the christ
  13. Pawl Wall

    Cavity !?!?!?

    i dont care about the novacaine i love wen it makes my lip feel like its huge that shit is hilarious the first time i had it i was touchin it and laughin my ass off while i was by myself
  14. Pawl Wall

    Cavity !?!?!?

    i went to the dentist today and she fucked up my gums like crazy. anyway she told me i had 2 cavities. this is my first time gettin one ! :burn: does it hurt wen they fuck around w/ it ?
  15. Pawl Wall