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  1. Fucking Christ this is wild.
  2. Strange, because I've never streamed video on my TV.
  3. So recently the lady and I took the leap, closed the account with the local video store and made the switch to Netflix. The service is pretty much impeccable as far as availability, service fee's and shipping goes. However, the main enticement for me was the stream it now feature, but I have found that by my liberal estimation less than 25% of their catalog is available in this format. That said, it frustrates me when nothing I really want to watch at the moment is capable of streaming. Fire away. Two recommendations: Bad Boys (1983) 4 1/2 * On the mean streets of Chicago, Mick O'Brien (Sean Penn) plays by the rules -- the wrong rules. The only saving grace in his life of crime is his relationship with his girlfriend (Ally Sheedy). But when a heist ends in tragedy, O'Brien lands in jail with his worst enemy (Esai Morales). Both are bent on vengeance ... and the score must be settled in blood. Get Well Soon (2001) Avg. 4 1/2 * After top-rated TV talk show host Bobby Bishop (Vincent Gallo) suffers a meltdown on the air, he leaves his show and heads to New York City to find his ex-girlfriend, Lily (Courteney Cox). But Lily isn't thrilled that Bobby gained fame and fortune without her, and she goes to great lengths to keep him at a distance. Director Justin McCarthy's independent romantic comedy co-stars Jeffrey Tambor and Tate Donovan as Lily's cross-dressing boyfriend.
  4. Re: when it's all said and done, modest mouse will probably be one of my favorite bands ev I like the album Building Nothing out of Something, the song Broke particularly. Modest Mouse is really good, even though the last two albums where not. The newest album is not listenable, and Good News was just ok. Everything before that was great. I love Everywhere and his Nasty Parlor Tricks.
  5. Nut Grabber, get off the dills and get some skills. Internet guy is bitter because after all these years he is still less than zero and can't get dap from his heroes
  6. Anthony Bourdain is a good friend of my family, and a real chill dude. Him, my sister and I just kicked it hard recently. Our friend Melanie Dunea, a photographer, just released a book titled My Last Supper. Fifty well known chefs portrayed and described their ideal last meal and the setting in which they would consume it. Bourdain wrote the forward and had the best portrait in the book.
  7. damn nigga why you frontin, you got your finger all over my props button. should've clicked ignore but you took your time to start lovin...
  8. Hey ASS... I don't know what T4M is, but it's evident from this thread that the better, more filling portion of your life is this forum. Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of spending all my time online. I guess my identity is better suited in the real world. You probably should just put me on ignore too. I don't think I can contribute much to the fantasy electronic world you're living in.
  9. Have a seat, let me clip dirty wings.
  10. What are you doing asking questions concerning peoples whereabouts. Stool pigeon.
  11. I'm definitely with this. White trash tv.
  12. I hate the winter. I found out a couple days ago that my friend Alex hung himself. My best friends ex girlfriend found him hanging in their apartment. I don't think there was a note. He was generally pretty depressed but I didn't see this coming. It's awful. The first time in my life a friend committed suicide. He had tattoos of Owls, I'm going to get one by the same artist to commemorate his death.
  13. This story ran in the NY Daily the day after Christmas. That's funny.
  14. Oh you sucker, go be a sociologist somewhere else.
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