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  1. looking good. anyone on a wall soon?
  2. one last time before i sack it off...
  3. arrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh]# i hate computers. this is why i dont post pictures can anyone explain to me simply how to achieve getting a picture to come out at a decent viewing size for the internet? ive tried saving it as a smaller file on my camera, "save for web" (which is the abomination above) and even tried the scaling down but it just wont work for me! please help
  4. my theory on this is as we saw her say in a flashback when desmond is about to go running: "with money and dedication you can find anyone". he went off on his race, crashed (maybe the emp thing caused him to crash his boat or affected the storm) and shes now paying those russian dudes to find an area on the earth where the amount of magnetism is fucked up - presumably the island. itll be dirty to think that the next series could involve a whole other plot with new characters who are the main characters - jack and co have just been the preview! and what about the others kidnapping sawyer, kate and jack? wheres sayeed, jin and sun? but at least charlies now getting laid!
  5. if i were you id ask if the people involved want pics from here (well maybe the recent jams) on the net. id heard they were earmarked for mags, so were off limits!?!
  6. what this man here said,plus come visit me. i work in a pub, ya get me!
  7. ARSE, jJackson, ARSE! i know your from LDN, so spell it correctly - next you'll be dropping the "u" in colour...
  8. those southampton pics arent exactly the best reflection of the scene.... for a true reflection you only need 2 pics: one of a weak handstyle from somebody who never-really-wrote properly and some wierd nakedness from 54.
  9. ^they belonged to the dude doing the piece for his kid... he said theyd been kicking around his attic for years, he had the oldest spanish mtn cans and the 1st ever german ones, but didnt know of the differences between them.,
  10. ^^nice flicks vladimir... that wall came out pretty nice then, hope you guys didnt freeze to death!
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