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Gang Graffiti


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isnt a gang an organized group of people who go out and commit crimes??


so all graff crews are gangs yes-no??


we rack together, rep each other, smash shit together, paint shit together, stick up for each other...


Crew - gang - posse - whatever


etcha sketch - AT RISK GANG!!


-maybe all you cats are just up to different shit than we are, i dunno....

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Originally posted by charles_bronson:

who would waste their time?



A lot of people, especially if you're talking about LA "cholo" style script. Plenty of those letters have ended up in the graffiti tool box. Many kids nowadays use them and probably don't even know where they came from.



buddha bless you


[This message has been edited by mud_buddha (edited 05-25-2001).]

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