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  1. Again, new to me. AVID is the shit.
  2. I don't think I've been here in a decade.
  3. A lot of Graffiti/Skateboarding history in Boston was concentrated in that group.
  4. What the fuck is that? I'm so confused. Old school what? 40 Thieves who?
  5. you cock gobbling douche. You don't have any "shyt" to change. You're a fucking TOY. TOY. TOY. You can change your shit now with no ill effect since YOUR SHIT SUCKS AND YOU'RE A FUCKING TOY.
  6. How's your boy Dondi2 doing? That cat you run with Futura 2001? How's he doing? Fucking ignorant toy. Get a new name and learn to fucking tag.
  7. You should see my ruler collection. In certain styles of illustration, rulers are my friend. I've got t-squares, triangles, dozens of different french curves, flexi-curves, etc... the devil is in the details and no matter how steady your hand is it's difficult to get a fully dead line (the kind you want on something man/machine-made) without using a guide of some sort.
  8. Just posting because I got this super special message when I logged in "Hello mud_buddha, Our records indicate that you haven't posted on THE WRITERS FORUM in a long while. The only way we continue being the best forum on the web is when members like you post new content, contribute to discussions and upload photos. So stop lurking and participate! " I mean, I appreciate the guys that run this place, but, that's incredibly lame. I've been posting here for like seven years, I've added crazy knowledge to this place, my photos have been posted and reposted here hundreds of times and I'm about to lose my account because I'm not active enough? WTF?
  9. that looks like that old "slice and shift" style the San Francisco showed in Spraycan Art.
  10. To who? Me? No, not "hot fire." But... it's an outline. Which is better than whatever the fuck went on around here recently. I'm just trying to be Mr. Positive since my last post was a request that the thread be closed (which, judging from the nonsense that went on, it probably should have been)
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