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  1. ill tell you how to improve your skills. you draw and draw. you draw all fuckin night long.
  2. My man Eazzz killin it! Yo homeboy I was at your grandma's today. Quoted post while you there i was at your house, chillin with your girl haha
  3. you had just had a little wacky tabaccy. you'll be just fine, your getting worked up over nothing.
  4. there is no surpressing this insanity Insane asylum nigga Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!
  5. 83 - haste edogg- busted flavicon- suicide
  6. collect unemployment which coincides with smoking marijuana and chronic masturbator
  7. And the magic word choose, choose : Hippopotimus and the ostrich and then ape and then ostrich again hmmmmmm.... how about MOVIE anyone down. a peice, color is encouraged but not mandatory
  8. DON'T VOTE ON HASTE YET Quoted post yeah whatever but Omen crushed dudes on that Haste. Quoted post [/b] Not necessarily, the haste battle is a very good battle. a lot of good competition
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