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  1. Udown also spotted in Vegas. Great sign slapping is what's going down.
  2. I like how the old guy on the left doesnt clap until after shes fallen.
  3. Re: ------->_REAL_L.A._GRAFF_<-------- That pool spot looks really ill. PM me if you get a chance, Joe Mack.
  4. The person hating on Enime is confused. Theres not much similarity going on between rime and enime other then the fact that they are both still living and painting. The letters E,I and M are there - and thats probably why Rime popped in your head. Enime's a good sport in the graff game, and so is Factor for that matter - why people would partially cover his tag with a throw is beyond me, personally I would go below the tagging. Bumboclot: That clean train video (5:19) has some Crazy MFing Writers in it.
  5. Avery brand name labels can withstand the harsh elements that the windy city has to offer. Xerox Toner..is the ish
  6. Re: Garfield's entire world was made up to cope with starving to death in an abandoned hou I had them all by the end of 6th grade.. REAL TALK
  7. B_As_In_Bot


    I was just glad to see rupert talk for more than like 20 minutes. I think he def. came off as a police officer but the kind who would let you go if you really werent committing a serious crime. The fact that he smoked a bunch of cigs and had a mental breakdown arose some doubts in me..
  8. B_As_In_Bot


    I was thinking of something like a hidden camera or http://gizmodo.com/333966/s5-poor-mans-lojack-tracking-chips-will-run-for-four-years-cost-2-weigh-nothing
  9. B_As_In_Bot


    So how does one go about wiping out a group of 5 bike thieves? Tips? Tricks? Advice? I need to get revenge.. PM me.
  10. It is art, it may not always look museum quality - but it is definitely a human type art form. If you are asking yourself that question - "is it really art?' you should also ask yourself; Do I have any real art to compare graffiti to? or Do I even know what art is? "Doesn't art exist in everything we see/do?"
  11. hart That lawyer, wants to get paid. They all want to get paid - They will actually encourage their clients to turn themselves into the authorities to get paid. They dont care if you lose your spot in school or if you never get a straight job again, those lawyers had to waste a few years and alot of borrowed bucks on becoming a lawyer, then they had to up their status as legal conartists and buy nice things so they are sucked into this constant form of debt..all they want to do is screw people over so they can better themselves. Cutthroat legal magical bullcrap that has gotten too many good people into too many bad places. My lawyer advised me to turn myself in, I never called that jerk back.backstabbing piece of crap, works Parallel with authorities to make a couple thousand bucks off people who are not criminals. NY and CHICAGO are some really ugly urban environments. Graffiti makes it worth looking at and this is the kind of thanks that writers get? The book being thrown at 'em? If anything good comes from this; it will connect more writers out there in the crazy mid west..
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