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  1. keep doing it who cares ya gota break ya parents in after a while and a few times of getting caught theyll leave you alone or spray some cologne on you duh oldest trick in the book
  2. lets talk abooum deqath baby disintgration of flesh youl see lets talk abputm all then good thinga and thw vad thingsn youll see................o,, drunk as fuclkj
  3. i know exactly what you mean its sometimes ill look in the mirror and be like what the fuck who am i why am i here my mind sometimes feel seperated from my body its weird as shit
  4. yeah i hear ya on the police cars that shit sucks no leg room or anything got taken in one for an hour ride from one police station to antoher handcuffed mad tight bhind my back i had purple rings around my wrists for the next few days....as for what i push now....just copped me a black 95 saab 900SE convertible all leather, alloys, 6 disc changer, the worx....shits hot
  5. kids quit spittin cuz im straight lickin punks wit a double barrel smif n wessun have em on they knees confessin sayin please n stressin im professin you know straight schoolin back and forth verse duelin no foolin just gruelin battle shit when i spit on this earth i rattle it straight off the ricter ya wig i split ya till it barely fitya kids is gonna gitya steady thuggin cuz this fucked up world got me buggin the bitches the snitches the law we keep it hard to the core street teams with sweet dreams stay raw lack of motivation the only flaw when we high we soar kickin it with the ol crew and crack a cold few pass the blunt to the right cuz this oe got me ready to fight a room with bars where im headed tonight but i aint scared to hustle i push trough with every muscle nesecary to shake rattle and rustle just to stay wit it these punks we slay when we spray wit it in the back of they red sox fitted half my crew aquitted the other half commited but thats life some catch shells or shanked by knife constantly watch over the shoulder these blocks is colder innocent as kids now we see our boys do bids for puttin lead in enemy lids i thank the lord just for lettin me live through lifes trials hope to make it to the finals cuz ill be at heavens gates no more drugs or nickel plates destin by fate to live hard and eventually bask in what awaits
  6. werd i ended up findin that track dear slim that i was lookin for....thanks tho ......necro is dope shit too
  7. anyoe know the name of the christian rapper who sounds just like eminem and mentions something bout everry one calling him slim shady some one please tell me if you know what im talkng about.
  8. whats ya steelo? im feelin the blue raspberry shit, how bout you guys?
  9. your first mistake was wasting your money on honda you shoulda kept the stang nos and mufflers are no substitute for raw power
  10. 1. instigating kids who are always caught up in beef 2. art nerd 3. dork 4. hip hopper 5. drink and toke up all the time? wear baggy hoodies and shit 10. PREPS lil bit of each of these
  11. Seek One


    buffalo chicken pizza!:cool:
  12. i like the third one other than that im not feelin the letters the pac one looks good and mad people write tec tek teck tech etc.....
  13. my crew be scandalous, we hip hop evangelists, spreadin the word like aerosol vandalists, but yall cant handle this, i dismantle this, like autopsies by biologists, so just follow this, its hard to swallow this, we diggin deep like gynecologists, you bit your rhymes like rabid k-9's, we slay rhymes, just copped the latest high times, and smoked out on ten dimes, yall must be out ya minds, cuz im droppin these lines like mutha fuckin land mines, like stars we shine, we got more golden rings than saturn, but yall cant fathom, the pattern, its like an inner ear orgasm ,cant even hold all the props we gatherin, but u best beleive we have em
  14. http://abacus.sj.ipixmedia.com/abc/M28/_EBAY_52061cafebc184afd7146348d3/i-1.JPG'> ebay hip hop bunny WORD SON!
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