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  1. phax

    the NEW sketch thread

    Ayo I've been on here since b4 there was props even. Check it- Joined Nov 2000. Also, I never snitched on anyone. You're a toy that just started at this.
  2. phax

    why don't gangstas kill?

    u ever notice that timmy's head is shaped like an alien?
  3. phax


  4. phax


    no. etal kids be drinkin that doctor pepper. so. caffeine usually just hurts.
  5. what made spidey start writing elude?mp0;plooks like a nice spot.
  6. phax


    oh... i don't vote actually....
  7. phax


    Where's most of the graf at in Ohio??? I don't remember seeing any any of the times i was in colombus or cleave
  8. phax

    GAME: True or False

    False. I ain't never even heard of that shit. Person below me listens to Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers.
  9. phax


    well... eventually your body has more trouble digesting food, dairy included, the more strain you put on it youknow....
  10. phax

    GAME: True or False

    false the persobelow me is a carnivore
  11. phax


    why's she have multiple wedding bands? and why is one of them made out of tin foil?
  12. phax

    --That YLer Thread--

    now number 2 practice the snake style. he was known as the snake spirit. he had the speed of a snake.
  13. phax

    ***the LAWS (crew)***

    does anyone else see a dolphin?