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  1. anyone got a password for adaptec easy cd creator 5?
  2. actuakly i jus met this bitch from toronto when i was in cape cod. the bitch was fine and i was about 2 minutes away from fukin her on the beach , then the fuckin cops rolled up and we had to leave the beach. anyways she wasnt stuck up at all. i talked to her for a while but we kinda lost contact i was supposed to drive up there and stay wit her but i jus got my phone bill and it was like $200 so i dont think ill be callin her anymore.
  3. theFUME

    cool links

    i think im gettin deja vu didnt we have this?
  4. dont do it man any cops are bad cops, to me. i say dont rat and keep your respect
  5. yea im a guy so please dont call me "ma" and im goin to daytona in florida
  6. im plannin to take a trip down to florida from boston and i was planning to stop at ATL for like a day. i was jus wonderin whats to do down there and shit. if anyomne from ATL wants to reply please do
  7. why the fuck is m.o.p. on roc a fella records? :confused: what were they thinking :confused: and how is snoop fake? he shot and killed somone to protect himself
  8. theFUME

    old beef

    yea i guess ppl jus go to the cops now instead :rolleyes: :eek: :rolleyes: pretty fukin gay and the pussy thing to do if u ask me but if thats wahst theyre doin nowadays.....................
  9. theFUME

    Map to BOOTY !!

    good stuff and its acarate(sp?) too
  10. for me has to be illmatic and i look like i copied space owell:rolleyes: :king:
  11. bacardi limon without a doubt but i have ben known to drink bacardi "O" also
  12. theFUME

    old beef

    looks like u get the tattle tale badge !!:rolleyes:
  13. :o :dazed: :confused: :( damnit i hate hangovers last night i had a half gallon of vodka and a gallon of O.J. i dont really recall what happend but i do kno i ended up smokin a blunt wit these guys i have never seen in my life. i camed home and i felt pretty good then i tried to sleep and next thing i know im pukin in the trash . now i gotta clean that shit out and im still tryna figure out if it was worth the hangover yea last night was pretty fun but now i got a ver bad headache and i fukin hate it. what do you think is the hangover worth the fun from the night before?
  14. hes right folks, theyre worth checking out:crazy:
  15. theFUME

    Wild On!

    http://www.eonline.com/On/Wild/Qa/Burke/Images/2a.burke.jpg'>:dazed: :king: :dazed: :eek: :dazed:
  16. theFUME

    IM BACK!

    well if anyone even remembers me or knew me in the first place, im back on the site. yay:dazed: :rolleyes:
  17. aight i got this freind, hes one of my best freinds. he had problems at his house and stuf and he realy hadto leave. so he did and he was livin with my aunt. well he thought he had some warrants for being A.W.O.L. (becouse he had ben on probation when he left) so after bein gone a few weeks i went with him to court to see he probation oficer. she wanst in at the tyme so he talked to her secratary,she sed he had no outstanding warrants and was free to go. he gave her the adres and phone number of were he was stayin at the time and we left.(that was the day after christmas) well he went on livin his life opr whatever and today me and him were walkin to a freinds house when the town delinkwent oficer or some bullshit pulls in front of us blokin our way and arrests him telling me to 'KEEP WALKING!'. i did so and later on i went to the police station with my aunt the one he was staying with at the time. we treid to bail him out but the police sed only his parent(s) could. seein as how his mom is dead and his father is the reason he left home i know that not gunna happen. well while we were at the police station they sed he was arrested for an outstanding warrant from a few months ago. jease i hate police even more right now what pisses me off is that he was doin better out of his house then he was in his house he stayed out of trouble and the whole thing and now there prolly gonna bring him home and it will jus get worse. anyone kno WTF i can do? (actualy i jus wanted to get this off my chest any comment greatly apreciated)
  18. damn i cant belive no-one sed : WICKED- to an extreme "damn im wicked cold"
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