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  1. for every emo breakdown you listen to, your dick shrinks .05mm. its a fact.
  2. oh go practice your spin kicks, dick for brains.
  3. shit aint got no soul... dorky emo dude singers aint got nothin to say either.. completely empty, cookie cutter music give a monkey a guitar, he'll play hardcore.
  4. fuck this pansy cockcore shit, WARZONE and MINOR THREAT are all the hardcore you need and FEAR
  5. bah fuck this christ core bible thumpin shit, keep hardcore in the streets
  6. maybe its because you're a fucking moron.
  7. colder

    Anti depressants..

    crush them up and snort em.
  8. oh my goodness i feel the shit running down my leg onto the floor.. ahahahaahahahah
  9. damn have some of you guys looked down your pants to see if you still have dicks? my god.. emo fag central.. murder city devils, anyone?
  10. these cold freights sure do suck on something unforgiving to the esophagus..
  11. is this fuckin romper room or something? might as well close this thread now, its sufficiently ruined.. such a perfect representation of cleveland graffiti, no pictures needed.
  12. http://cfc.5u.com/fuckinmetal.jpg'>
  13. http://cfc.5u.com/connecters/fuckascanada1.jpg'> http://cfc.5u.com/connecters/fuckascanada2.jpg'> http://cfc.5u.com/connecters/FUCKASBLACKHOPPER.JPG'> fuckas
  14. http://cfc.5u.com/connecters/coldfukasnyc.jpg'>
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