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  1. bump for my fellow crew members: yors/jat/vets/creds/bel
  2. Bump for the homie scarlos.
  3. man people shout out people just because they come on this board...fucking hilarious-.
  4. SenorSeven


    Tease is making a personal decision based on some graffiti board chicks opinions....thanks for taking the time to make my life seem that much better/more important. s.s.2004
  5. you should come down again sometime-
  6. i do not understand whats so trendy about guys wearing pink- go join your frat...you no longer look tough. Pink is just..........bleh period- no matter who wears it
  7. hey FR8HOUND- email me please. senorseven@hotmail.com
  8. friday: work, go to hockey game tonight, watch ACC tournament, see some local band after hockey game tonight, burn one. saturday: watch acc tournament games,burnone, sketch some shit up for painting on sunday. sunday:Watch final game in the ACC tournament, paint , burn one.
  9. the so called "fake montana" or german montana in this post....works fucking good no matter what any of you idiot clowns say- I've used it several times now and shits good- if you complain you're just a whiny bitch i just wish motherfuckers would stop calliing one fake and the other not-0 who gives a fuck if its both good paint...you can stop sucking spains dick now. I'm sure your jaws are hurting by now anyway
  10. what the fuck is myspace? outoftheloop. s.s
  11. nah I have AIM though- my email is senorseven@hotmail.com- hit me and ill respond back to you...
  12. i know a good immigration lawyer- if you still talk with "and now you choke" you can get a hold of me easy- or drop an email if you need the info or anything-
  13. SenorSeven


    cable is the way to go fuckadish. well when it comes to tv anyway-
  14. dont you guys have phones instead of internet message boards? or atleast fucking email.
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