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  1. anyone got a password for adaptec easy cd creator 5?
  2. actuakly i jus met this bitch from toronto when i was in cape cod. the bitch was fine and i was about 2 minutes away from fukin her on the beach , then the fuckin cops rolled up and we had to leave the beach. anyways she wasnt stuck up at all. i talked to her for a while but we kinda lost contact i was supposed to drive up there and stay wit her but i jus got my phone bill and it was like $200 so i dont think ill be callin her anymore.
  3. theFUME

    cool links

    i think im gettin deja vu didnt we have this?
  4. dont do it man any cops are bad cops, to me. i say dont rat and keep your respect
  5. yea im a guy so please dont call me "ma" and im goin to daytona in florida
  6. im plannin to take a trip down to florida from boston and i was planning to stop at ATL for like a day. i was jus wonderin whats to do down there and shit. if anyomne from ATL wants to reply please do
  7. why the fuck is m.o.p. on roc a fella records? :confused: what were they thinking :confused: and how is snoop fake? he shot and killed somone to protect himself
  8. theFUME

    old beef

    yea i guess ppl jus go to the cops now instead :rolleyes: :eek: :rolleyes: pretty fukin gay and the pussy thing to do if u ask me but if thats wahst theyre doin nowadays.....................
  9. theFUME

    Map to BOOTY !!

    good stuff and its acarate(sp?) too
  10. for me has to be illmatic and i look like i copied space owell:rolleyes: :king:
  11. bacardi limon without a doubt but i have ben known to drink bacardi "O" also
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