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  1. You've been writing for a year? Wow. Put 3 bullets in your own skull.
  2. that's the dumbest thing I've heard all day. Good job. Okay, this is my last post now. seriously. join igraff.com bye.:D
  3. This is my goodbye... so here's my stupid ass shout-out list so mad props (haha... I said mad props) to everybody who: enjoyed the church of seym posts and realized it to be satire didn't use words like "sand nigger" that's it. fuck the rest. igraff is kewl.
  4. Bye, Bye 12oz I'm no better than the racists because I am opposed to racism against muslims and arabs? Good point, genius. This is why I hope graffiti just dies. Then, maybe you all can focus more on violence, violence, violence. So, keep painting your pretty pictures and waving your silky flags. Talk your shit about "sand niggers" and "rag heads" like America actually represents freedom when road blocks are popping up everywhere and arabs who aren't even muslims are being killed in our own streets. Just remember that no matter how many men, women and children in Iraq, Iran,
  5. Word. The buildings were looking pretty wack in the beginning. They looked real... 2 dimensional. We started added some shading in each individual window, and then on the sides. I started focussing on my own piece. A half an hour later, I step back, and I'm really impressed. GO DOOM! ------------------ http://www.ehomebook.com/users/jenningsfam/images/fruit.jpg'>
  6. Yeah, I feel bad because doom spent all of his time on those buildings. Sure, I helped a little, but he did most of it. That's why his piece is so... minimalistic.
  7. ctrl alt delete ctrl alt delete ctrl alt delete
  8. Neither doom nor I are patriotic. That is why we didn't write anything like "GO USA". We didn't paint flags either. It's just a memorial with a deeper message than what the average writer has been doing as of 9/11
  9. http://www.ehomebook.com/users/jenningsfam/images/wtc.jpg'> This was a very spur of the moment thing. It's not a permission/legal wall. It doesn't have a flag. It's not made to offend anybody and in NO way is it meant as disrespect to those who died. It's just a piece dedicated to the innocent victims of the terrorism and the victims of war/hatred as a result of the terrorism. thank you. ------------------ http://www.ehomebook.com/users/jenningsfam/images/fruit.jpg'>
  10. Here's what seym would've done: A big whole wall with possibly a background of the NY skyline or something cliche like that... (what, I'm not that creative) I'd definately address the victims and their families, and I'd also point out some anti-killing message... uh... that's about it. Otherwise, nevermind
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