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  1. You guys can all sit here and say his shit looks real childish.. but honostly, I feel like this dude has a really sick personal style. If you sit down and actually look through his book with an open mind that shit is pretty intense. Dude gets alot of respect from me.
  2. more Deta, and I know you got bombing flicks so dont hold back.
  3. that Engine piece is fucking HARD
  4. DankLordz

    Kem 5

    much love to Kem.. pumped we got to paint some shit together. post up the finished wall i'd really like to see it.. If anyone could grab a flick of that piece down there I did down there finished i'd really appreciate it. -the other american..NSF
  5. well this is kind of interesting.
  6. damn, that droids business is serious
  7. I like this guys stuff alot. Caught a few out east.. much respect to CBS.
  8. pepe looks like its over tri and dezem? might be wrong.
  9. retarded. next thing you know they'll put shit in french on there also.
  10. that video by bill daniels was fucking sick. He had a viewing of it in buffalo where he set up like 6 TV's and was playing 2 different parts simultaniously. Wierd audio/visual stimulation type shit but the footage was some instant classic shit. He had some nice shirts with him when he came through too.
  11. isto is unfuckwithable man, that dude inspires me so much.
  12. aest is always banging. nsf
  13. http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/Rf3Vg_hatekrude.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/X09DR_muchhm.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/84840_mythreef.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/vq4FL_remio.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/u4Ohw_sighrbox.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/f1ms4_stelth.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/12C6l_tars.jpg'> plague queen death king.
  14. http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/hvzI4_zine.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/P48t6_abhor.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/5ZMAo_aroe.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/42rD9_cobra.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/2t920_conmyth.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/h8jX9_debt.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/4eMa5_ewokhm.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/U0les_ewokhm2.jpg'>
  15. http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/9o3qS_veks.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/mI3nT_vizieposer.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/x3CF0_waffle.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/vyxYk_wake.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/GNNZk_whe2e.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/9Er2u_woes.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/P1TIR_worm.jpg'> http://www.elimin8.net/fr8s/5rFI9_wormghouls.jpg'>
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