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Gang Graffiti


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Not all gang graff is as horrible as 99.9% of the gang shit in LA. I know a few Folks that got some skills, and incorperate their gang/fam into their graff... most of em were writers Before they were gang members. But most gang members suck, and have no sense of style, and lots of em can't even spell... so hey...






There comes a time in every mans education when he reaches the conviction that envy is ignorance: and Imitation is suicide.

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Originally posted by Jankie:

Lick my ass hairs loser... I said i wanted to see gang graffiti.. Latin kings... etc

all the latin kings around here are locked up....

but that's true half the kids on here are to wealthy to even know about gang graff..


shit gangs were bombin in the mid fifties thru the sixties tell now.. And half the west coast is tryin to do that "cholo" style with letterin and adding color...


and adding the graff element to it all.. the AWR,MSk,Tko,(LA)shit... Oh and the fools that say.. oh i dont use weapon i just fight bare knuckles..


tell me that when your mobbin down town and van out of no where pulls up and about 10 fools sayin what the fuck are doin here give me your shit and then jump you ass untill un contious and dump your ass in the la river...(you can have your whole crew with too dont matter unless you where raised around this shit kiddies) sorry for the long post but dam these fools think there so real..good topic jankie something for the ones who dont know....

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