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  1. yeah, that website is super strange....
  2. sorry about that guys, I am accessing it from a university and thus I did not realize.
  3. http://links.jstor.org/sici?sici=0004-5608...%3E2.0.CO%3B2-H Urban Graffiti as Territorial Markers David Ley; Roman Cybriwsky Annals of the Association of American Geographers, Vol. 64, No. 4. (Dec., 1974), pp. 491-505. My favorite quote: " The mastery and occupatio of space might well be a behavioral primitive. Climbing mountains, descending to the ocean depths, landing astronauts on the moon who leave behind their own territorial marker, colonial adventures, riding the freeway, possessing a home on a large lot - middle-income Americans have ample opportunity to sublimate their territorial needs, but many of these options are closed to the inner city dweller. For him, spatial mastery is often possible only in the realms of the phantasmagorical. Blocked access to the mainstream culture encourages a projective fantasy. Thus Cool Earl and Kidd have legitimate artistic ambitions, but city life provides no access to such a realization. 'We'd like to get into commerical art... but no one has told us how to go about it.' Hence, like some other inner city residents, they follow the main highway of make-beleive. An exotic nickname, a garnished signature, identify a new personality and a space conquered, a mark left. ' A man has to win a battle somewhere' " Anyways, an interesting article, that is quite dated but still pretty cool.
  4. First time I drank Colt 45. First time I made out with a girl. First time I Broke the 120 mph speed barrier in a BMW m3. First time I left the continent. First time I shat a brick. First time I blazed. First time I wrote a NY times best seller.
  5. Siempre el mismo pantalon, y una remera de los rolling stones.... la colorada.
  6. I hope to reach 5000 someday.
  7. PGW: Whats up man? its been forever! You still down south where the palm trees and surfing are?
  8. hmm right now: Boxers Green Aesthetics T w/ a horse on it. Tonight im going to try to get into a fancy hip cocktail lounge w/ the lady so I will be wearing: Red and White lacoste track shoes. Diesel Jeans Red lacoste Vintage Sweater. Ben Sherman button up Blazer Tie Its going to be a joke.
  9. AIDS.. Funny you should mention this. We just had a lecture about how this kind of tourism was a form of modern colonialism. I bet I would participate too though.
  10. I dunno if you all have seen that site that is like this, but its basically a club where there are shitloads of people fucking eachother in the club, and they all look classy-like while people are just chilling in the background. At first i thought "this must be some european shit" but in the videos they all speak english with american accents... i dunno mang.
  11. This is like a fucking highschool reunion or somthing. I didnt realize people like Tease were still here. splint2- haha I have no memory of talking to you/who you were. Oh well. Nope, for the most part im not in B-town anymore. How about you? Graffiti wise its been basically dead for years.
  12. I just noticed that, this is fucked up. I dont even post anymore and I still have an average of over 2 posts a day. Im just waiting for 5000 posts... I have to admit to you dudes some shit. I started this site when I was 14 - heres my story... Halloween of 8th grade we had a can of black spray paint that we origionally had to use as a blow torch... anyways we bumed around the neighborhood (the burbs) and decided to do some graffiti. I drew a picture of some tits on a wall while my friend drew a girl with a hairy bush. I felt pretty guilty about that for a while. Then i went home and searched for graffiti on google or some shit. Somehow I ended up here. A lot has changed since then, but I dont feel like telling you about it. Does anyone remember oolong or boogie hands? Suburbian Bum - Playing a mother fucking piano. This thread is bound to be lame.... i think we should all share stories or some shit. Stories about anything.
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