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  1. naka got a catchy style..and that new searius shit is what it is..and the tunnels were fresh.. really a shame..they're talkin bout it here too..but i kinda doubt it..with over 500 miles to cover.. Link..
  2. thats white..not silver..don't get it twisted.
  3. thanks again... still in it to win it though Quoted post [/b] i like how harsh's letters always overlap opposite..it's different. and rip drone..itw prez..once your in it..your in it to win it..peace.
  4. those bitches should get straight snuffed..searius..only in SF. *edit..get em drunk n bang em first..then snuff em..peace.
  5. FUNERAL.... :naughty: Quoted post seriously somebody get rid of these toy ass Ink Two flicks. where is Phunk at that fool was keeping this thread alive himself, and not thephunkbaby that fool is a herb ass. Quoted post [/b] ^^^ CHAMPION BALL SWEATER..COAST TO COAST NUT HUGGER..FUCKIN BUNZILLA..
  6. it's probably vulcan..it looks like his style..and he def has serious dreads.. old school harlem cat..sick with the styles..rip dream.
  7. airblaster..puttin shit on blast ;) :rolleyes:
  8. i try to incorperate people into my graff flicks whenever i can..and i like my graff flicks dirty.. but the place where graffiti and street photography overlap interests me greatly..peace.
  9. heres an old new york movie..it's about an hour long..for those interested or just bored..peace.. Forbidden Art 2
  10. its only a waste if you pay for cans..doubtfull here..the fact that it is cans makes it that much more retarded.
  11. and rip dream..nice to see writers from all different walks go out n show love..bump.
  12. wow..vulcan..nyc style master..peep this guys wholecars..amazing.. i met him with kool herc..and crazy legs..back when..true innovators..bump.
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