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  1. makros. tofu(i got your package here somewhere) not me lord keli was funny(for a bit):rolleyes:
  2. quief why dontcha. god.:rolleyes: its the internet dude. dont take anything seriously, it's not like i KNOW you. chillllllllll
  3. well not favorite i just had to write it
  4. and rage mudvayne(fuck me if i care what you say) but definetly TOOL
  5. * dregan kicks Yamucha in the nuts * dregan stamps on Yamucha's neck *** ChanServ sets mode: +o Yamucha <dregan> Oh shit. :lol: STICKY!STICKY!STICKY!STICKY!
  6. to protect the identities of te parties involved. i shall call one him 1 and me 2(MY MSN THING IS IN SPANISH) 1 dice: *my name here* do you have a texas instrument 2 dice: i might, i might not. it all depends on what it is.. 1 dice: how do you access the games 1 dice: or do you have to install them 2 dice: what games? 1 dice: tetris and the other games 2 dice: wtf? 1 dice: the games in the texas instrument calculator 2 dice: ahh.. i did... it;s somwhere, i dont know how to transfer them tho. christina has1. i guess she can do it. 1 dice: what games d
  7. pukey1


    ~boing~ :o
  8. pukey1

    ranma 1/2

    i dont know much about japanes(or eastern) anime. but i DO know that this show kicks ass(you have to watch the unedited version, dunno if you ppl in the states get it, but its the best). im not quite sure why im making this thread. i just thoguht that this show deserved one. that's it.
  9. tunnels are almost. i love sites like these with GOOD writers...
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