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  1. where in new hampshire are thoes from? i am from new hampshire and i used to write there like two ro three year ago. who else do you know that writes?
  2. my favorite movie of his is Mr. Majestic because he kills all of the bad guys because they shot up his mellons. charles bronson is the hardest motherfucker ever.
  3. i was about to ask the same question because i was accepted to pratt institute. has anyone been there or knows anyone who goes there. i am curious to know what its like.
  4. has anyone heard the new modest mouse cd? it is great. too bad it has to be so short.
  5. brujeria is great. i can't believe that members of fear factory were in that band.
  6. does anyone have an advice for a novice dumpster diver? like any special eateries that throw out better food than others, and what to do if caught. thanks.
  7. i don't like them ------------------ xxxstraightedgexxx
  8. navy blue saucony hornets. ------------------ xxxstraightedgexxx
  9. has anyone ever heard of him or know where i could acquire some of his recordings. i have a locust cd with a song by him on it and it is amazing. thanks. ------------------ xxxstraightedgexxx
  10. charles_bronson


    i have a question. why does everyone hate fucking emo kids. what the hell have they ever done to anyone. i consider myself an emo kid and i get picked on because of it. it doesn't make any sense. i don't anything to anyone and get shit for it. oh well. ------------------ xxxstraightedgexxx
  11. i love i hate myself. they make me cry. thier build ups to tremendious breakdowns are incredible. and that song "letter to a husband at war" is so mindblowing. oh they are one of the best. i don't think they are still around but im not positve. have you ever listened to you and i? they are amazing as well. ------------------ xxxstraightedgexxx
  12. you and i ------------------ xxxstraightedgexxx
  13. that director is great. pi was such a mindblowing movie. requiem for a dream was also amazing. they both kick me in the brain. ------------------ xxxstraightedgexxx
  14. at work i stand in front of a huge fan and fart so people all over the store can smell it. ------------------ xxxstraightedgexxx
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