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  1. Inept


    winterfresh tastes like peptol bismuth.
  2. This guy is so ill. All flicks are from http://www.bastradartisit.com http://www.bastardartist.com/Graf/r02/r02_023.jpg'> http://www.bastardartist.com/Graf/r02/r02_015.jpg'> http://www.bastardartist.com/Graf/r02/r02_021.jpg'> http://www.bastardartist.com/Graf/r02/r02_022.jpg'> Check bastardartist for more.
  3. Currently rocking.. Adidas Superstars Adidas Campus Puma Suedes
  4. Inept

    drug testing

    Your friend is wasting his cash. Just drink water.
  5. Eh, I'm going with Kilborn. Conan's show is kinda stale to me.
  6. I'd bring a gun to blow my brains out. Fuck being a survivor.
  7. That pidgeon flick is so cornball. [This message has been edited by Inept (edited 08-16-2001).]
  8. Dude held out for 101 women? Seems like he was gay.
  9. I'm with the guy above me. I just can't feel Chip's work.
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