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kid furie

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  1. kid furie

    dope songs over 10mins

    jerry garcia & david grisman- arabia creedence clearwater revival- heard it through the grapevine gershwin- rhapsody in blue -add to list-
  2. kid furie

    help w/ i-tunes

    im trying to burn an mp3 cd using i-tunes and i want to create folders inside the playlist im gonna burn. how the fuck do i do this? when i drag folders into the play list it just throw everything alltogether. god i hate macs... thanks for any insight...
  3. kid furie

    quite some time...

    damn, its been a while! what everbody been up to in the past two or so years?
  4. kid furie

    how long have you been logging on to 12oz?

    longer than seeking :D where did the time go?
  5. kid furie

    im fucked...

    damn...its been a while for me last night included: 1 whole bottle alize 3 MGDs 2 mixed drinks 1 philly blunt/dub of pot waking up in a bed in my friends house with no idea how i got there im not really a drinker though. im on a break from millitary school and last night was the last night of my break. sadly enough i got no bitches though...
  6. kid furie


    i gotta agree with webs. seekings, its sounds like you've just been drinking too much haterade lately. i thought you were down with the dee oh double gee. snoop is a dope fucking rapper and thats all thats important. no one can say with 100% certianty why snoop dresses the way he does. if i was constantly stoned and hella famous i'd probablly be sporting the banddana suits too. its like a 'im-famous-and-im-gonna-dress-fucking-crazy-and-you-will-still-buy-all-my-records-and-blunt-wraps-and-kiss-my-ass' type statement. its hard for me to imagine you, seeking, famous and NOT dressing crazy-like too. snoop doesn't seem like the uncle tom type to me. first read his autobiography, than lets talk. furieONERneedsAroofOVERhisHEAD...
  7. kid furie

    *~*~*KEWL TAGGING SHOEZzZ LOL!*~*~*~

    does anyone really skate anymore? maybe i passed through the "skating age" but it seams to me that no one i know skates anymore. i recently took up the sport again after dropping it for several years. no, no, i didnt take it up so i could spent a good third of my life trying to make a board flip around a whole bunch, i do it to shred the street. i hated sitting in the bus in traffic when i knew i could be burning by all these stupid car owning fucks so i picked up my board. nothing feels better than speeding by a couple 100 cars stuck in gridlock traffic with your discman bumping. as for the shoes its hard for me to get all huffy and puffy. there silly shoes with a silly theme that just happens to be something i enjoy doing. something like graffiti will never be bought and sold simply because of the fact that it is illegal. graffiti writers will always runs the streets and the yards. large buisnesses will always run wallstreet. its like apples and oranges and always will be.
  8. kid furie


    I need erybody, in here, to come together, in harmonism and say I'm a alcoholic a alcoholic, nigga you know what I'm sayin! You the one with the drink in your back pocket and your front pocket. On three, I need everybody to say "I'ma Alkaholik" One, two, trey niggaz! "I'm an Alkaholik" Now y'all motherfuckers can leave, get the fuck outta here!
  9. kid furie

    One step closer to interactive online porn

    im definitly sporting wood...
  10. kid furie

    for devullish

    chill dlush and late this hater talk his shit... toys run their mouths, real g's run the streets, biAtch!!!! furieONERhasDEVILUSH'SbackANDstaysSTRAPPED...
  11. kid furie


    this was suppose to be a reply to the alcohol thread but i think i clicked on the wrong thing and now it says i dont have permission to delete the thread even though i started it. everybody can just go home, nothing to see here. my bad...
  12. kid furie


    where is this dude? does he still come around here anymore? FURIEonerBACKinTOWN...
  13. kid furie


    webs, drop an email at fury153@hotmail.com
  14. kid furie

    why are drunk fat girls so much fun?

    when i was a freshman in highschool i was at my friends party and some big ass black girl forced herself onto me. at first i wasn't having it but i was too drunk to put an end to it. i felt really dirty in when i woke up....
  15. kid furie


    ahhhh shit, i my head still hurts from last night. sooooo much beer. shots out to the girl i fucked around with, dlush knows the deal with the asian women. going out to do the same thing tonight. WEBSTER, where you at?! furieONERlikesTAfuckDRUNK... :loopy: :love:
  16. kid furie


  17. kid furie


    do people still *bump*?
  18. kid furie

    why is 12ozprophet so fucking addicting?

    its simple, once one gets a life, one doesn't go on 12oz. furie has a life, he just digs the wet tshirt thread. its scary to to think of how much time i wasted on this site.
  19. kid furie

    old school

    damn...its been a while, any OGs still alive and kickin?
  20. kid furie

    this is how dumb tease is

    wow, seeking, you feel bigger now? i hope you do...
  21. kid furie

    still fly?

    http://www.takenforgranted.com/tfg/gallery/tfg5/heinzradio.jpg'> Gator boots with the pimped out Gucci suits Ain't got no job, but I stay sharp Can't pay my rent, cause all my money's spent But that's okay, cause I'm Still Fly Got a quarter tank of gas - in my new E class Cause that's alright, cause I'm gon' ride Got everythang - in my momma name But I'm Hood Rich - dadah-dadah da-dah da-dah da-dah http://www.hifiart.com/2002/WEEK_007/102-0252_IMG.JPG'>
  22. kid furie

    still fly?

    one year of reform school. one life time full of gator boots and other 'fly shit'. you know what i love about the new 12oz? i can say that 25 chumps have already looked into my thread which by all account appears to be so useless and random to the point where they dont respond.
  23. kid furie

    old school

    taking anything for granted?it wasn't like i was some spoiled little shit before i left. i dont take ANYTHING for granted, i've been using that crappy brown sandpaper toliet paper for too long to take things for granted. at home i got my own room with a working door with a lock, a nice bed and i dont have to stand in a line to eat. what more could i ask for?
  24. kid furie

    old school

    hmmm...lock down bording school...11 months... been through shit i could have never even imagined. my first roommate was sent to jail for armed robbery and stayed an extra 2 months cause he almost killed a kid for taking a candybar from him. i lived with these kids for a year and now im out. left two days ago and got back this morning. spent a night in boston with some friends. started getting into sports and working out while i was up there. i was the captian of the soccer team and had the fastest times of my trackteam for the sprints. i cant wait to start paniting again. i cant wait to start running shit again. i cant wait to see my friends. i cant wait to talk to some girls. i cant wait to spark up. cali sunshine puts the smile on my face...im glad to be back...