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  1. that's a pretty lame insult, i mean... if he's a real bomber he'd use his paint, yes-no?
  2. i think it's stupid when peoples apologize for crappy works... but... that shit's not that bad. Continue Forward! props
  3. yahh! Halifax! nice flics. thats a sweet fatso frieght...
  4. if you want simple shit why dont you do it yourself ,and let the artists do thier thing? Big up 2 Batman Cab.
  5. you see three quarters of a remio tag... and an ancient sectr stickr to the right. bump for decoy. "like your style"
  6. "Girlies" is plural. Are you a pimp. I think not. nice flic.
  7. if anyone paid 70 bones for a can of jungle-ish, it's not going to be for painting. It'll be bought by some rich kid who'll place it above his bed and beat off to it for novelty sake. But if you really don't want it, i'll pay four dollars and fifty cents for it.
  8. http://forms.flashbase.com/images/userimages/DanBell157269.image.bb7.gif'> [/b] DAMN! That car is hot!!
  9. http://variouspieces.homestead.com/files/PHOTOS/bringer1.jpg'> nice haircut
  10. close this. i would rather you post nothing at all and look stupid, than post pitures of you and your friends and make yourself look retarded.
  11. i think the biggest trend is sarcastic humor. but yeah, this is my fifth username... or was it my sixth...?
  12. Super greg would win a battle versus those stuntaz faggots... Check out that bright red track suit! That shit is hot... - the #1 super greg fan.
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