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  1. Um... Don't think my comment up there had to do with that video. I didn't click on any of this puss music either. I posted Jim The Anvil Neidhart, and he'd knock the chin dirt off any of these.....
  2. Well shit, where @mr.yucklives everyone looks like that now.
  3. Lookin like a banana gone bad
  4. Best thing you can do is slap them in the face and tell them stop acting like a bitch. And then give everyone a participation award. This also works if you have more than one co-worker to train at a time:
  5. I bet there's a few women who had to register as disabled after a night with that.
  6. @Mercerhow you find my picture on the internet? You all see I hang left cuz I aint right. Also in the same way that that one guy's pic came to represent DAO, you can all just assume that's me up there.
  7. Recently found a new small time donut shop. 1000 times better than any chain place, the donuts are exactly how you would want them to be..
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