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  1. Nangs. They give rimjobs for nangs.
  2. Clinton was known to enjoy a fine cigar in the White House....
  3. Cool bro, want to hacky sack?
  4. It probably didn't help when we looked at them like
  5. Is this a fad now? How are people using them, what for? I did a quick search but didn't see anything that stood out.
  6. You have to remember that pro wrestling has a limited and unique audience, and the general public is probably not going to watch much less join in. Add to that that one of the guys was huge like Lou Albano, and another dude was over 6' and dressed like he was a wrestler, like cowboy hat and shirtless with a leather vest on. It's going to take a special person to open the door to that scene, with smashed furniture and bruised bodies everywhere, and want to join in, lolz. Unless maybe you're @Dark_Knight, where he lives this is all fairly common.
  7. People who lived in the building? I have no idea and didn't know them, they must have been passing by and were like wtf is going on in there. It was pretty loud and we did break shit up so I can't blame them for being curious.
  8. That wrestling one reminds me of when I was younger and had 2 roommates, one who was really into pro wrestling. I have to imagine that a lot of drugs, alcohol, and young stupidity went into the idea to start wrestling in the apartment, like straight tossing people and busting shit up, with dude filming and narrating it. I had just put this guy's head through a wall and hit him over the back with a folding chair when the apartment door swings open and there's a group of people standing there like what the fuck are you guys doing in there?
  9. Not hating on pretzel buns, did not know it's a current fad. Has it's place, I've liked it with certain burgers.
  10. If you were here right now you'd say "smoke some more pot man." Hope you're lurking and see this.
  11. Coughing like the start of Sweet Leaf @abrasivesaint. Pic by Duel.
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