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  1. These are manly beers, not that Lone Star bull piss in a frosty mug. Plus she's just a weirdo. If I'm feeling nice, what that tongue do? Can she lick both my nutz at once until I shoot on that butterfly on her forehead?
  2. Depends what you're into. I've enjoyed IN a lot, but there are things there to suit my interests.
  3. She's got some issues. Probably a trash for me. But 3 beers later I'm probably like what that tongue do?
  4. I got a nightjar so I don't got to get out of bed to pee
  5. I did forget Bone Thugs n Harmony. Per Ohio law, you can qualify for G status if you can name all of them, OG status if you can name all of them and identify what they look like currently. I also forgot that Ohio is a place where Pro Wrasslin is alive, thriving, and real.
  6. The sin of pineapple on pizza
  7. It's a place so horrid that the river once caught on fire. When you cross its border you gain 10 pounds. Crosby Still Nash & Young made a song about it, then nothing really happened again until Drew Carey. Fast forward to last week and a NS train derailed there with a few tankers of chemicals. Responders burned off the chemicals in a black toxic cloud that spread and wreaked havoc. After that another NS train went on the ground, but no big deal. Oh, and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is in Ohio. They also make shitty candies called buckeyes that suck.
  8. And that's how you start a page.
  9. You don't need no ball hammock, let your balls hang low.
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