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  1. This is my opinion too. Although if I had to eat blue cheese or ranch with my wings I would definitely prefer to use blue cheese.
  2. Just looking around in some "new" old areas on Google Maps Earth view... ?
  3. This site is looking nice but I couldn't find how to post images on sites after a quick look.
  4. Near me it's about $2.90 and it's scary how close to $3 it is.
  5. Here's an update from December. There's a rook of a painter in this post...
  6. I think his post here would be all caps ranting about how they stole his artwork with several exclamation marks at the end of his sentence. I think it's stupid to argue about someone using your illegal work elsewhere, at the end of the day you're just stating the fact that you need to be prosecuted...
  7. Holy shit, at first I was like FALSE and then I thought about it... True, very true. The person below me enjoys to play in the snow.
  8. Back off of it and it's like I wasn't even there.
  9. Looking at legal walls make me feel like an eagle. My bad Kemr for that blurry picture.
  10. This board is clearly dead as seeing the way how there are zero posts in this thread.
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