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  1. Here's an exciting trip around the town! Shoe down.
  2. Typically the painter or painters would drop at least a hand style for their name next to the crew name.
  3. @fbrisanarmy Val, Value (you're funny). Those two Credit disses, ouch.
  4. First question it depends what the painting is. There are such things as a crew and these can be one person or it can be a group painting it. Two examples I can think of are a small local crew that had a few members painting in it back in 2012 or so. With time passing they have all stopped painting except for one of them. This guy will occasionally throw up a hand style or two once in a while. Another example I can think of is an older crew with numerous members in it that paint all over and have kept up with it over the years. Now for the second case I've seen instances where they have done collaborations involving multiple painters to get a big final product looking excellently at an area with high visibility and a lot of traffic. Each writer has their own mental construction of why they paint. I know painters who say I don't care if some random Joe on the street can read what I paint, it's all about the style and if other writers can read it. Then to contradict that I have met an older writer who says the exact opposite of that. Essentially, he would rather paint a complex and visually appealing character with a simple straight letter to get his name across to as many average everyday people just walking the street and happen to see his painting on a freight rolling down the tracks. The character is designed to get their interest with his artwork. I hope I answered all of your questions in an understandable manner.
  5. Here's a few pictures to bump this thread. I think their roof might be having issues.
  6. But you can't forget about the chemical coloring in them.
  7. Found an entirely new bench today, this is the second this month! Adventure has been completed for now.
  8. Here's an entirely new location. Hooo. What a nice exploration.
  9. This evening I found two. I got confused when I found it on a wall. It must be an imposter, right?
  10. Needs to wash off the goth makeup and I'd smash it. Edit: also would need to take the dog collar off while at it.
  11. Many bus loads of people have been here. What a relaxing time.
  12. 5 days until my HOPEFULLY final semester starts and I wish you luck. I hope to never be that old guy in a class... Oh wait, too late for that.
  13. Breakfast burrito. ^ Favorite part of my day.
  14. Here's a quick trip that covered only part of the spot. 1/2!
  15. Consolation Prize from Hobo Brewing Company isn't all that good of a drink and that's being assumed that you don't LOVE fruit in your beer.
  16. The p in the handstyle needs some work and this is because I believe that it could be seen as a D.
  17. Just tossed myself some pizza bites in to the microwave for breakfast.
  18. @Deine Mudder Pass for the trash. @massgraff Smash.
  19. Hello new year. Damn, that's a fairly crazy type of bread.
  20. Here goes another attempt, I'm feeling brave. These freights have traveled far in so little time!
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