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  1. Here's a post with some Trash in it! "!Pews", I am so mused by this post that I might even be considered to be amused!
  2. Connecticut is looking nice! I'll need to get back to photography again soon. ?
  3. Here's a spot. A Unicorn riding above six cups? Hmmm ?, that's a lot to think about.
  4. Ho ho ho. Just dropping by with some wisdom.
  5. Some movie tickets for the Bohemian Rhapsody, pretty good movie.
  6. My damn printer is still not working. I'm going to hit the library to print off all of my graffiti pictures playing it real cool & keep it incognito.
  7. I hate when people paint rocks. It's one thing to paint a rock on the ground like in your video. Then it's another thing to climb up a cliff and to wiggle out on a little ledge above a major highway. That's tough as nails.
  8. A small amount of cheese with plenty of sauce topped with a handful of arugula and spinach with a tomato chunk.
  9. It's probably my favorite day spot for the warmer months. Here's an update of the local legal wall and the Ritual piece is still up (no need to post a second flick of it). But I took a new clean picture of the Kems piece due to the last one being too blurry.
  10. @freakeenycNo boots needed today. 1/2.
  11. I accidentally hit post and edit won't work for me. Neato.
  12. Just dropping over quickly to see anything nice. Looks a bit crusty. ?
  13. Would have been smart. But I've been painting down there for over 8 years now and I've never seen the water this high before. I'm not in a rush to get to this spot and hopefully soon the water will go down.
  14. Looking around and it's super flooded... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCK9g7FQfRw No pathway and I'm not willing to get wet to grab some pictures. But those Jiz and Rook pieces are great.
  15. I should quit my day job to become a comedian! What a grassy bench.
  16. Very interesting Mr. Here's some more for you! I don't want to drop the news but does it feel just absurd to not stay woke when looking at these pictures! Or is it me? ? 1/2.
  17. He's getting at a virgin (dorky guy who gets picked on) and a Chad (cool jock football player). Hilarious.
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