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  1. Loving the old school jammies... bel. got nothin but love for you dude.
  2. Bump semik, mock sketch is fresh.
  3. Like graffiti is turning into a fuckin Jersey Shore episode yo. Mad drama, mad shit talk. Paint and do you. If you got beef be a grownup and fight.
  4. All I hear is straight trashtalk, but no one is trying to bang.... Whats really good yo!? Everyone is big on here but aint bout it bout it. Put up or shut up mother fuckas. Fuck what crew you rep and hiding behind it. Fuckin faggots better hit me up and bring the ruckus, or you are not shit.
  5. I got a sun tan on my gun hand because I keep the burner out.
  6. Those letters are pretty raw. Move slowly towards connecting them now=]
  7. Theres a lot of shit talking going on in this thread. Less talk and more pictures, thats what its there for. Anything else take to the beef thread stop wasting bandwidth.
  8. Yep yep If your shit doesnt look good in black and white, something needs to be fixed. All bout the letters
  9. And Scoe, keep that progression going kiddo
  10. I'm going to have to agree with Adrock^^ Theres no need for name calling
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