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  1. philly incredable crazy prints..... we bring it
  2. chaos killin it !!!! damn that dude dont stop!!!! much respect.
  3. these guys are typeography gods, espicially with the colors!! up there with 3a and msk peicing skills
  4. rasad is hurtin philly right now!! I knew he was alefty from those styles, just like pr*****.
  5. that naroe big hand is hot! those mek and others burned!
  6. that naroe big hand is hot! those mek and others burned!
  7. king Caem real talk this guys desreves it!
  8. yo that caem wicket is so hot!
  9. my father who who has passed away bought this for me when I was like 5th grade, man only if he really knew what kind of impact this book had on me. tower on south street(philly).wow I studied the shit out of this book!!! I like this thread I hope to see more pics. it sux all th pics on the 1st page are missing.
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