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  1. Here's a random set of pictures I found from September that I didn't find a previous post about. Exciting spots...
  2. Button up shirt, nice cargo pants and it's like I just got off from work.
  3. Here's some pictures from the other week that I've been meaning to post. Half of the set has been posted.
  4. I enjoyed the original back in middle school when I first saw it and the second was an excellent remake of a classic.
  5. Here are better pictures from two different days. January 13th: August 20th:
  6. Remember, remember the fifth of November wasn't the best this year in the capital. At least there were two other people there and one of them left before the group picture.
  7. Here's a quick post with some cool stuff from the abyss! Those colors are fly, :sunglasses:.
  8. The plan is to keep in touch with old friends who have moved along with their lives. But I don't share and or post too much on it because I for the most part have very different ideas then the mainstream public. Now I know from past experiences that news on social media is trash but thanks for restating that. I'm not all that concerned about "the man" or anyone else to identify me because I don't share anything that I wouldn't mind them seeing. In general I agree and that's why I have stopped using it in the past. But for now I want to have it just to see if it makes me feel differently in anyway. I had been on the fence for long enough to setting up a new account and this thread was just the tipping point to my everlasting internal debate.
  9. It's been a little while since I've posted this spot or even in this thread. I thought Dr. Frankenstein's friend spelt his name "Igor" but it is still quite impressive.
  10. After reading this thread I setup a new Facebook and I did this because I'm giving it a trial to see if there's any uses for it or not...
  11. Getting ready for my shift that starts at 4PM... I have no idea why I woke up so early today.
  12. Feels like I've been stuck in this washing machine for a little while now.
  13. Here's to adventure. Chevy Chase would like to see this!
  14. My favorite picture hosting site isn't letting me upload pictures anymore so I finally decided on a new one. What a blast this was.
  15. Updating my job resume with end dates for my latest job. :triumph:
  16. My spot is in the middle of the woods and I don't have a flashlight. Besides, the article you linked me to said nothing about flash and I haven't had any trouble with my camera over the years. Typically I only take pictures when leaving.
  17. Just a quick update to see some unicorn and other stuff. What a fun day spot this was! :kissingcat:
  18. Just a quick trip. This post seems to have some pork in it.
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