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Everything posted by purplegrape

  1. Always givin' me shit noes. You eat well, I'll give you that. ;)
  2. I'm all about a bigger food budget, but I'm still not convinced that there are no repercussions awaiting in the future. That shit is engraved in your financial paper trail & who knows when it will unexpectedly bite you on the ass...
  3. I guess they did what they couldn't do. Crazy!!
  4. Friend of mine got into an accident. Went to the hospital & tried the fake name deal. They treated him but held him there until he admitted who he really was. Then they called his parents. haha! He's 27 years old.
  5. purplegrape


    I like the kicks you have on more. -just my opinion.
  6. ^ I can't help but to cringe at the thought of that watch scratching that lens... nice watch though.
  7. So I'm at an art show, dood finds a way to tell me that he writes graffiti, I ask what he writes only because it's funnier when I walk away.
  8. Tomorrow I'll be wearing less... 65 degrees. Gimme that good weather.
  9. 7am. 10 on the weekend. Love those weekends.
  10. I was just talking about ear candles earlier today. I checked the "scam" out via google about 2 minutes ago. Now I really wish I didn't sound so impressed to those people.
  11. My mom dukes used to make this flatbread pizza with shrimp, spinach, feta & artichoke hearts. It was pretty good. But anyway, sicilian ftw.
  12. Re: so because i didnt use the gay trendy excuse of adding 2011 in my thread title So this kid is hurt about his typical thread being closed? ....I vote end this thread & hilarity ensues.
  13. ^no critters in the pee-hole.
  14. having no way around expensive travel.
  15. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law
  16. false. tpbm really tries to get their post count up.
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