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  1. Trying to get up to speed on the new oontz. Where are the tic tacs and what the fuck is going on? I'm drinking beers and feeling old. That's what I'm doing!
  2. Breakfast in the morning (I had eggs benedict - no complaints). Then headed to the hot springs & later back to Denver. That is all.
  3. I had a really good time this past weekend. Went to an awesome wedding in Colorado... But this one photo is all I'm going to share. Then headed to the Rockies to stay at the Hotel Colorado which was much more mellow. more.
  4. false. give it a bit though, i just jumped out of the shower. tpbm showers on a daily basis - no exceptions.
  5. I have now seen Folsom Prison museum... Thanks, Cali. Flicks much appreciated.
  6. false. tpbm has big plans for tomorrow...
  7. I don't even want to know how you acquired these photos... Wait, yeah I do.
  8. Bump. This list could be done well in a few hours. "Right Here 1. Smoke 2. Construction 3. Food 4. Triangles 5. Black & White Due August 31st" GO!!!
  9. This seems like the place to vent. My dumb neighbors stole my fucking clothes out of our shared basement. FUCK THIS SHIT /yeahimmad.
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