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Everything posted by purplegrape

  1. I always liked, And the rest of Larry Clark's films.
  2. I'm not so sure about the fourth one... Possible man-status.
  3. ^ I didn't know about this - will read next thanks
  4. I really liked his Nasty Bits, too.
  5. nope. tpbm has a hobby they're ashamed of.
  6. All over 18, first 3 are sisters.....
  7. happy belated elmstreet! Hope you recover soon - gotta get some good eats, rest and flicks on that new canon.
  8. I hate airconditioners... maybe just electricity bills. But it's one or both of them.
  9. what's the difference between an ethiopian and a pair of jeans? the jeans only have one fly on them.... (i feel bad every time i tell that one. It hasn't seemed to be so well-known yet!)
  10. "In a world where billions believe their deity conceived a mortal child with a virgin human, it's stunning how little imagination most people display." -Chuck Palahniuk ('Rant' i think) Good Author if ever interested, 'Diary' is pretty good too.
  11. this is what I can think of right now - not great but not bad - "I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I establish today. I am today what I established yesterday or some previous day." - James Joyce
  12. Agreements with redeye. RIP still. It seems the young ones are the most readily dropping, unfortunately. Maybe just more publicized?
  13. lots of pretty wild car stories. I'd prop some of you but it would do nothing for your reputation. Anyway, this is more of a funny crazy story i.e. nobody got hurt. Hopefully you'll get a what the fuck out of it - 10th grade or so this chick was always wantin to chill with me and she was very annoying but she was nice and I sort of felt bad for her. I decided i'd gain some good karma or something I guess by taking her out one night and she was trying to show off I assume by partaking in every drug accessible to her at the time and eventually I had to basically carry her back to my home unfortunately to spend the night til she was un-fucked. Fast forward - I set her up on the floor, fell asleep and woke up because the light was turned on. She wasn't in the room so I went searching and I found her in the kitchen with her shorts around her ankles crouching on the floor and tugging at the rug under the kitchen table. I'm confused so I tell her to get the hell to bed and she starts telling me about chapstick in her Moms car and other ridiculous things. She starts heading to the bedroom, I go to take a piss and im watching her from the toilet when all of a sudden she lifts up the hallway rug - pulls down her underwear - and starts pissing all over my moms carpet for like 5 straight mins and I could not get her to stop. Then when she's done she grabs war and peace off a bookshelf, opens it up and wipes herself with it. Theres more but this is too long. It was such a stupid night. But i'll never forget it.
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