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Everything posted by purplegrape

  1. I remember when you were sportin' a red color under your name.... You have come far.
  2. Short day in pies. Woke up & went to work. Got through that & made some tea. Then poured some wine & oontzed Picked out something to wear for the night Went out Girls' birthday friend Last of the night & back to bed The end.
  3. Thinking about what a drunk I am this weekend.
  4. Hell no, my Dad would kick my ass. tpbm has gotten the flu this season.
  5. This dude sitting next to me claims he was friends with taylor swift in middle school... I checked the information given via google. Turns out they did go to the same middle school. Says she was quite the turnoff. "mean" & a "cunt". I believe him. (cool story giiiirl)
  6. jeans and a white tank top. Trailer trashhhh
  7. I put cheese on my legs too. I pretend they won't get warm as fast? ...Drinking wine & watching a flick.
  8. I'm going to play it safe on this one & leave it in question. Sorry fellas! ;)
  9. Re: My semi retarded soon to be brother in-law are you... mad?
  10. It gives that warm summer day just outta the shower kind of feeling.. If I could send you a portion I would gladly do so.
  11. Of course I'm looking for it. I'm a female... No hard feelings.
  12. Am I the only one who can see the head of his penis?
  13. Dear Seyer, I know how you feel. I find myself justifying that I need to eat in order to stay warm. Hibernation-staus or some shit. If you find a way to stay motivated let me know. -grape Dear Cigarettes, Fuck you. -pg
  14. Gettin' ready fer bed... Just washed my face with this stuff - You. don't. even. know.
  15. Went the simple route. Rebel xsi. Standard lens for now - macro later.
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