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  1. x-9 in the favela get the micro-onda....very painful death being burned alive..
  2. yup we got them in Rio too.. "Favela Tours"..and all except one company is own by people who live "outside" the comunity. Hey if the guy live there and the comunity is ok...People who are ignorant to poor comunities sometimes need to SEE it to believe it. When tourists come to my favela, I want them to see how CURRUPT and prejudice the brazilian goverment is again poor people.
  3. Moogle your cat is beatiful..but I am biased becase I love all cats..they act so silly and are entertaining..
  4. Caligula you are welcome anytime in Rocinha..if you want to come for a couple months you do not need much money..
  5. or people who pretend to not speak English, when they actualy do! this comon when usualy there is a problem and they do not want to deal with it!
  6. -when people talk too loud on their cel fones..what r u deaf?? or just attention whore? -when people walking on the sidewalk coming toward you but have their head down not watching where they are going.. -just plain people who do not pay attention to what they are doing -you are in the USA and go into any store, but the customer service people who work there speak very little or no English.....in my country I speak my language, but in the US I speak English
  7. too bad that guy Curtis killed a cop and now is in jail forever..maybe sofspoken, but NOT intelligent!
  8. Daniel PowterPuff what is that animal?
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