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  1. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEAT UP/WHATEVER ELSE ; ) THREAD VERSION 2.0 i was in cambodia for 5 months, also burma for a few weeks. it was fun, how are you big poppa?
  2. I know right, how great are they. My dog shared and she loved it too. I will start eating more lamb chops.
  3. Listening to that with witch playing over the top was sweet.
  4. Im basing alot of my trip in eastern spain on this book. it is really excellent.
  5. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEAT UP/WHATEVER ELSE ; ) THREAD VERSION 2.0 I had my first coopers in almost 6 months the other day. It has been one of the few good things about being home. Also the babes and the lack of street crime.
  6. Hanging out with my dog, we got her yesterday and she is funny. Drinking some tea and contemplating handing some resumes out, oh also i just ate a lamb chop. it was yummmmm.
  7. Bump pavement, was lucky enough to catch them early last year. Awesome good show. Today.
  8. This thread has it's moments, but when people try to be all cool tuff guy fighter on the internet it really ruins it, and as someone who hasnt lived in perth for a time, it's kind of embarrassing. Leave the bull shit to pm, or go be a cool guy on the street and do whatever it is that graffiti writers do in there time off the internet.
  9. just wanted to say thank you to the people who posed PHOTOS over the last 4 or 5 pages. All the old school Mid 90's shots were refreshing also the newer stuff, thank you. I would love to see some SCRIBE, if anyone has flicks i really liked his stuff.
  10. I didn't make a resolution, i just make a list of things i want to accomplish during the year. If i complete the list then I'm better off than i was the previous year. This year. .Publish 4 issues of a project i have been doing for the last 2 years. .Get home, save money then travel through china, Mongolia, Russia, Eastern Europe. If both these things are done by the end of the year, I will be happy. I quit smoking a week before new years, so for those who are trying now. Good luck.
  11. The kid sitting next to me in the net cafe has a massive boner now.
  12. I'm smoking more, but i guess thats becasue i'm drinking more. A pack lasts me about 3 days, I really love smoking so much, but at the same time i hate it so much.
  13. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEET UP/WHATEVER ELSE (ll) THREAD VERSION 2.0 hahah it is good to hear the word poofter again. thank you classy, it's been along time.
  14. You're better than korean pop music, but sadly not as attractive.
  15. Dear Meekong whiskey. You're only one dollar a bottle and mixed with sprite you make a bearable drink, please stop allowing me to drink you this much. The last 3 nights have been horrible. So, I'm asking please raise your price too that of two dollars so i wont be as tempted on my way home after a long night. I know this will be a big blow to 99% of your khmer customers, so maybe some kind of tax could be put on just for me. Is this possible please reply back and let me know, i fear for my liver. your customer Fruitylexia. Dear Dalin thank you for the cigarette las
  16. Oscar wilde said "all art is useless", he obviously never saw any of yours.
  17. So a boy of about 15 walks through his front door and sees his dad. His dad say's "hey son how's it going I'm having a beer come sit down with me". There sitting together and the dad asks "So son have you had sex yet, have you done the deed?". "Dad, i was just going to tell you, that's were I've just been, i finally did it"replies the son. "Really mate, that's great who was she?" asks dad. "She lives down the street five houses down". The dad stops and thinks for what to say next, "You cant be to care full son, i hope you wore something" he says. The boy smiles and says "Of course I di
  18. Edit... They're even more annoying and have more money.
  19. So your going on a holiday to Budapest and you dont do any research, I have been traveling for the past 5 months and i do at least a little bit before i go somewhere new. it just seems like your lazy. lazy people shouldn't travel. By the way that ass made my day, thank you.
  20. I know it was yesterday but I cant remember much of yesterday/last night, so merry chritmas now. I hope you all received copious blow jobs on some beautiful beach by a girl you are deeply in love with..
  21. It's hard to talk about people and not use there real names in situations like this, but ### was a truly nice guy, I grew up up with his younger brother and knew *** for almost a decade now. I'm living in over seas at the moment and dont have any way of contacting the family. So sad. Rip ***
  22. heaps of real cool threads on 12oz now days.
  23. Can i make a request. Less photos of this "Pane's" graffiti work. cheers.
  24. My username comes from a type of cheap wine you buy in a cask, mainly consumed by the youth and natives of australia.
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