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Everything posted by FruityLexia.

  1. Cleaning puddles of suliva off my keyboard, hearing about all this turkey, mashed potato and beer is making me hungry. I have been eating rice and chicken for the past 6 nights anything diffrent sounds amazing.
  2. No dickens for any of those horrible fdrunken whores.
  3. I like the one who looks like she is crying second from the bottom left.:lol:
  4. So abc your mother still dictates what you do and where you live? How old are you?
  5. No, your'e doing it all wrong buddy. You gotta wear the cargo pants and put the beers in the big ass pockets on the side. I dont even know what 4 loco is so this should be the umbro appreciation thread.
  6. Ignore him till he stops talking permanently, then have a house party.
  7. I dont have a digital camera so i cant post a photo, but i know there is some left overs, some water, a few beers and some little fruit. Just in case you were wondering, the things that are stuck on the fridge are pretty good too.
  8. I love it how people have to let you know them and there mates were high when they went to see a crappy movie. Drugs are fun but nobody cares.
  9. On my lunch break, sitting in a net cafe waiting till i have to go back and teach some crazy little bastards English for the next 3 hours.
  10. True. More than once. tpbm has had typhoid.
  11. Some great books posted on this page. I read pygmy about two weeks ago on a bus trip to my friends home province. It's pretty great, also snuff was good too by Palahniuk. Now I'm on this. great writer but this is a little drawn out.
  12. Yeah Boys. Makes me so happy to see this stuff!!!! Keep it up.
  13. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEET UP/WHATEVER ELSE (ll) THREAD VERSION 2.0 were the hell is Rydalmere?
  14. I have never liked t shirts that incorporate the body into the design, but that one up there is actually pretty funny.
  15. Tastes like crap but so does everything here.
  16. Living in cambodia getting my phone pick pocketed. wondering if i should come back on 12oz and post photos from the last few months of my life
  17. So this is what american teenagers are into now?, at least there not shooting each other at school or whatever it is they use to do.
  18. The worst runs i have ever had lasted for 3 days, I was in jo har baru in malaysia and i had been drinking and hit this little restaurant in a pretty grimey district, the food there was awesome but super spicy. I swaer 20 - 30 minutes after i ate that curry i had brown water spurting for my butt. Also finidng public toilets in Malayia, not an esy thing.
  19. Will buying paint off this website help my graafiti tags and or graffiti reputation in any way?
  20. Do the house work, so when she wakes up you get a blow job and also have fresh sheets and a clean bathroom.
  21. I actually saw a documentry about the asian race coming from aliens. I laughed it off untill one night i picked up this thai girl at a bar and when i put my hands down her pants there was a little tenticle there. So it's true, they are aliens.
  22. Cool guy up here gave me my very first negaprop for not being a celebrity. Im sorry i dont hold celebrities in such a high regard as you, that i believe only they should be able to do certain things and not people who haven't reached celebrity status. I hate you acer, i really do hate you and everything you stand for or have ever done. You are the person i hate most on this website.
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